Dalry House

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Dalry House ( also known as Dalry and Dalry Heights )

is a stone house completed in 1913 in Darlington, Western Australia.

The maker of the house was a John Neilson who was a member of the Darlington parish of the then Presbyterian church.

Anecdotal and archival materials identify the lounge room was used by the church for services.

Located at the corner of Lionel Road and Dalry Road, on a 3 and quarter acre block (1940s to present)

the house and surrounds were renovated and altered extensively in the 1940's and 1950's by the owners of the time the Grey

family. They had also been involved with the house being utilised as a nursing home for TB sufferers, and in the 1950s

as a guest house.

In the 1960's the house and surround were repaired and worked upon by Sam Hort, who used to walk from his

residence at the other side of Darlington despite being in his 80s at the time. He did repairs to both walls of the

house and retaining walls and paths around the house. At the same time an extensive native plant garden was

established, utilising the stock and resources of nurseries in Perth of the 1960s. A significant number of eucalypt

trees were established as well including what were identified as rare in that era.

In the early 2000's the house underwent extensive repairs and maintenance work, and the early 1960's garden was also

modified and driveways and walls added in a range of locations.

In the late 2000's the house and surround were extensively altered by the owners of the time. The growth of vegetation

at the fence line now conceals the house and the gardens.