Fremantle Society Photographic Survey — Canning Highway

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These 3 photographs of Canning Highway, Fremantle were taken as part of the photographic survey that was undertaken in the late 1970s and early '80s by the Fremantle Society, aiming to collect a comprehensive collection of photos of Fremantle buildings.

This page (which can be found at this URL: shows the photos in the order in which they appear in folder 2 of the physical archives (where there are four per landscape-oriented page in left-to-right, top-to-bottom order). It is also used in those archives as an index sheet for the pages holding these photos.

FSPS Canning Highway 01, 6-1-A, 1980.png

Canning Highway (cell A)

FSPS Canning Highway 02, Christian Science Church, 6-2-B, 1980.png

Canning Highway (cell B)

FSPS Canning Highway 03, opposite Traffic Bridge, 6-2-A, 1980.png

Canning Highway (cell A)