Letter from T H Barker after retirement, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Magazine, 1913

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Title: Letter from T H Barker after retirement, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Magazine, 1913
Parent item: Magazine of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
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Date: 1913 Feb 2 Sun
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The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Derby, G.C.V.O.,
President, and the Council of
The Incorporated Chamber of
Commerce of Liverpool.

My Lord and Gentlemen,

I desire to acknowledge the Resolution passed by the Council on my retirement from the post of Seretary of the Chamber, after a service of thirty-one years, and to express my grateful thanks for its kind terms, and for the appreciation which it expresses of the value of my services to the Chamber during that period. I regret that I am unable, in my present state of health, to reply to the Resolution as I would with, but, in connection with the great progress made by the Chamber in the period referred to, I would like to say how much the Members of the Chamber are indebted to the past and present Councils for their careful deliberations and wise decisions, and especially to the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Chairmen of Council, Treasurers, and others who have devoted so much time and attemtion to the promotion of its interests, and the enlargement of its scope and usefulness. I also desire to thank Mr. Milne and the office staff for their able assistance at all times in the carrying on of the work.

I further wish to tender my warm thanks to the Council for the provision made for my retirement, and to the many Members and friends who have so generously contributed to the valuable testimonial presented to me; and, in conclusions, to express my deep regret that I have been obliged, through failing health, to relinquish those duties which it has always been my pride and pleasure to fulfil.

I am, My Lord and Gentlemen,
Yours very faithfully,

(Signed) Thomas H. Barker.