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From the Fremantle Society Photographic Survey, date unknown (probably 1978).

This photograph was taken as part of the photographic survey that was undertaken in the late 1970s and early '80s by the Fremantle Society, aiming to collect a comprehensive collection of photos of Fremantle buildings.

  • Description: {{{description}}}
  • Section: [[Fremantle Society Photographic Survey section |]]
  • Cell:
  • Street:
  • Film Roll: {{{film_roll}}}
  • Classification: unknown
  • Coordinates:


This template is used on every photo.


{{Fremantle Society Photographic Survey
| description    = 
| street_number  = 
| street         = 
| classification = 
| section        = 
| cell           = 
| film_roll      = 
| coordinates    = 
| heading        = 
| date           = 
| date_precision = year


  • description is a general description of the photo, especially the street address.
  • street is the name of the street or road. Will categorise the photo in the [street name], Fremantle category.
  • classification is the colour of the circular stickers that have been afixed to the photos.
  • section is an integer betwee 1 and 21.
  • cell is a single uppercase letter between A and Z (or P to be strictly accurate).
  • film_roll is the integer number of the film roll.

The following changes were made to this template when the codes' meanings were sorted out.

  • section used to be called code1
  • cell used to be called code2
  • file_roll used to be called code3