1875-12-29 Fanny Cook to Catherine Munday

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Title: 1875-12-29 Fanny Cook to Catherine Munday
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Related people: Fanny Cook Catherine Munday (née Aldridge) John Hill Munday James William Munday Henry Cook
Related places: Hotham Melbourne Australia New Zealand


1875-12-29 Fanny Cook to Catherine Munday 2.png
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No. 1

Corner of Abbotsford and Arden Streets


Dec 29/75

My dear Mrs Munday

I trust this will find Mr Munday and yourself recovering from the shock of your dear sons death. I know from sad experience what a time it takes to realize that our beloved have gone and that we shall hear and see them no more in this world.

I find it very hard to reconcile myself I can assure you at times it seems almost more than

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I can bear and I feel almost broken-hearted. Dear James death brought all my trouble about Alice back and looking over her clothes and packing up the baby things to go to New Zealand has made me feel very low spiritied my back and head continue bad We had an answer from your son Walter I have no doubt he has written you by this mail he has sent Nelsons address so Mr Cook has wrote to him we will send the box home as soon as we can make the necessary arrangements. Mr Cook will not be able to send the money till the end of

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