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Gervase Clifton
Birth: , Albany, Western Australia
Death: , Perth, Western Australia
Partners: Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall) (1876–1960)
Elizabeth Carolina Clifton (née Oldenbourg) (18 September 1867 – 8 February 1902)
Children: Lily Clifton (unknown – unknown)
Madge Louise Gilmore (née Clifton) (1906–?)
Millicent Joyce Branson Clifton (1912 – 1920)
Tita Clifton (bef. 1920 – aft. 1920)
Kate Harriott Oldenbourg Clifton (died in infancy, 1902)
Eric Clifton (? – ?)

Born in Albany, where his father was agent for P&O from 1861 to 1883.[1]

His first wife was Lily, who died in childbirth in 1902.[2]

He died aged 69 on 20 December 1932 at his home in Pinjarra,[3] and was burried at Karrakatta on 22 January.[4]

1933 January 13, The West Australian[4]:


The Late Mr. Gervase Clifton.

The funeral of an old and respected colonist, the late Mr. Gervase Clifton, took place on December 22, and was well attended. Deceased, who, was born at Albany, had resided in this State all his life. He was employed in the government service, and held the position of Curator of Intestate Estates. He was a devout churchman, and he was a regular attendant at St. George's Cathedral. He recently lived a retired life at his residence at West Murray where, after an illness, he passed peacefully away. His remains were laid to rest in the Church of England Cemeery, Karrakatta, at the conclusion of an impressive service conducted by the Rev. W. Patrick, Rector of St. Hilda's.

The chief mourners were Mrs. H. Clifton (widow), Mrs. Shellard and Misses Tita and Loulou Clifton (daughters), Miss Jessie Clifton (niece), Aberdeen Clifton, George Clifton, Edmond Clifton, A. R. C. Clifton, Mrs. J. G. Murray, Mr. Malcolm Murray and Mr. A. H. Gillam. The pall-bearers were: — Brigadier-General Bessell-Browne. Messrs. J. G. Wraikes, J. Pether, N. P. Lappin, A. G. Unmack, B. Walters. H. S. Crofts and W. Arnold.

Among those present to pay their last respects were Messrs. Sparks, H. D. Moseley, P.M., M. M. Moss, W. Duncan, A. A. Moffatt, E. Knight, G. B. Sweeting. J. M. Campbell. S. G. Hall. J. H. Wilson, G. A. Clifton, J. C. Rose, A. G. Clifton, L. Prince, F. Eliot, F. G. Clifton, A. Y. Glyde and E. C. Clifton.

Floral tributes were received from members of the Civil Service Chib, Ethel and Lennie. Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Lappin, Mr. and Mrs. Tatham and Fany, Newt. Mrs. Mitchinson and Keith, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Gillam and Fany, Resident Doctors, Children's Hospital, the girls upstairs, Molly, Reg., Eric and Lily, Joy, Lula and Tita. Many telegrams, letters and cards as well as personal expressions of condolence, were received by the bereaved relatives.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. C. H. Smith and Co.


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