Harold Aubrey Hall

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Harold Aubrey Hall
Aubrey Hall riding (detail).jpg
c. 1950s
Parents: Hannah Boyd Hall (née Lazenby)
William Shakespeare Hall
    1825 – 1895
Siblings: Henry Ernest Hall
Harold Aubrey Hall
Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall)
Grace Hall
    died in infancy, 1875
William Shakespeare Hall Jr.
    died in infancy, Cossack, 1878
Partners: Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge)
Children: Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)
    10 July 1915 – 21 February 2000
Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall)
Joan Leake Salom (née Hall)
    b. 1919 Roebourne – d. 1993 Perth
Keywords: H.M. Wilson Archives; Pilbara; Western Australia

Born 1871. Married Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) in 1910.[1]

In 1912 their first daughter, Connie, was born in Roebourne (in Roe's Cottage).[2]

In 1915 Aubrey took a job as lighthouse keeper at Jarmen Island, the whole family moving there in part to get away from the extreme heat of Croydon.[3] Here they shared the accommodation with Mr Langer, a German national who in 1916 was taken from his post and interned.[3] After his departure, Henry Ernest Hall joined Aubrey on Jarmen Island.

In 1919 their third daughter, Joan Leake Salom (née Hall) was born.


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