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  | description = 1869–1941
  | description = 1869–1941
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  | caption = Taken sometime after his mother had had a stroke.
  | birth_date = 7 September 1869
  | birth_date = 7 September 1869
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  | birth_date_precision = day

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Henry Ernest Hall
H. Ernest Hall.png
Taken sometime after his mother had had a stroke.
Birth: , Roebourne, Western Australia
Death: , Perth, Western Australia
Parents: William Shakespeare Hall
Hannah Boyd Hall (née Lazenby)
Siblings: Henry Ernest Hall (1869–1941)
Harold Aubrey Hall (1871–1963)
Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall) (1876–1960)
Grace Hall (died in infancy, 1875)
William Shakespeare Hall Jr. (died in infancy, Cossack, 1878)

Henry Ernest Hall was born on 7 September 1869 in Roebourne, Western Australia.[1]

In about 1916 he moved to Jarmen Island off the coast of Cossack to join his brother Harold Aubrey Hall as a lighthouse keeper.[2]

In 1926 he wrote the following letter to the Sunday Times in Perth:[3]


Complaint from Cossack

H. E. Hall (Cossack) writes: "I wish to call attention to the manner in which the people of this town are treated by the authorities, who are not satisfied with bringing the Derby lepers close to Cossack but also allow the white attendant from the leper station to visit the town and enter the public places, including the telephone box; I might mention that there is only one medical man for the whites and lepers."

He died aged 71 on 6 June 1941, in Perth.[1]


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