Letter to Mrs Munday from Fanny Cook, 11 June 1876

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Title: Letter to Mrs Munday from Fanny Cook, 11 June 1876
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Author: Fanny Cook
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Related people: Fanny Cook Catherine Munday (née Aldridge) James William Munday
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June 11/76

Corner Abbotsford and
Arden Streets


My dear Mrs Munday

I have been expecting a note from you the last 2 mails hope illness has not prevented your answering my note trust this will find Mr Munday family and self well and recovering from the shock of dear James death it is seven months today since it pleased God to take him from us. I trust our loss has been his gain

We have at last got the box away have put a few things beside what James told me thinking you would like to have them: furnished the work box as though it had been in use as the customs would not be so likely to want duty Alice had never used the box she used to say it will look so nice in my parlor Mother

Glad to say we are all pretty well but have been ill myself Mr Cook and Tom have had some colds There has been a great deal of sickness here chiefly fevers One of dear Alice's friends died with typhoid fever only married 3 months so trouble comes to all around us in one way or the other

I hope you will like the photo of the grave have wrote and asked Mrs Yelverton to get one the same size of Alices grave if she can had a letter from her last mail they are all pretty well Mr Cook is writing to your son all the particulars about the box which I trust will reach you safely with kind regards believe me to remain your truly

Fanny Cook

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