Thomas Percy Conyers Barker

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Thomas Percy Conyers Barker
(? – ?)
Birth: ?
Death: ?
Parents: Thomas Henry Barker
Mary Ellen Barker (née Moulsdale)
Siblings: James Denton Barker (18 July 1876 – 30 September 1958)
Jonathan Tong Barker (1883 – 4 February 1950)
Charles Frederick Strangeways Barker (? – ?)
Francis Darcy Meade Barker (? – ?)
Henry Bertram Mitford Barker (? – ?)
Thomas Percy Conyers Barker (? – ?)
William Danby Holt Barker (? – ?)

Rev. Thomas Percy Conyers, B.A. married.[1] Son of Thomas and Mary Barker.[1]

Kelly's Directory of Essex 1937 (or maybe 1933).[2]

The living [of Hempstead, Essex] is a vicarage, annexed to that Great Sampford, joint net yearly value £400, with 19 acres of glebe and residence, in the gift of All Souls' Guild, and held since 1921 by the Rev. Thomas Percy Conyers Barker B.A. of St. Chad's Hall, Durham. The rectorial tithes are in the hands of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and yield about £700 yearly. The vicarage house, a good residence of brick, erected in 1884–5, at a cost of £1,585, stands about a quarter of a mile north of the church in an acre of ground given by C.F.W. Fane esq.

Crockfords Clerical Directory 1948.

Barker, Thomas Percy Conyers - St.Chad's Hall, Dur. B.A.1906 d (deacon) 1906 p (Priest) 1907 Dur. C. of St. Paul's, Jarrow, 1906-09; Northlew 1909-14; Bradninch 1914-17; Highweek 1918-19; Org. Sec. E.C.U. 1919-21; Commiss. Accra 1919-24; Dioc. Insp. of Schs. Dio. Chelmsf. 1926-46; V (Vicar) of Sampford Magna w Hempstead, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1921. (P Guild of All S.; 16a of G1 val 18l; Q.A.B.375l; Fees 4l; e.o.3l; Gross Inc. 401l, Net 338l and Ho (house); Pop. 794) Hempstead Vicarage, Saffron Walden, Essex.


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