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Hi all,

Here are some of the photos I've scanned in the last month or so. Click on them for more info. If you have any corrections or anything, please let me know! The other big chunk that I've uploaded was the Wilson newspaper clippings book, which I'm yet to delve into much but there's certainly lots of good info in there.


Joan at (probably) Rottnest (cropped).png Joan's passing out parade, January 1943 (cropped).png Joan's passing out parade, saluting, January 1943 (cropped).png Joan WAAAF getting into car (cropped).png Joan leaving Outram Street in uniform (cropped).png Margaret outside Skipworths', Carnarvon (cropped).png Margaret Hall, Carnarvon, aged 18 or 19 (cropped).png Dennis Martin, Darwin? WW2 (cropped).png Dennis Martin in uniform (cropped).png Joan in the WAAAF (cropped).png Constance, Joan, and Margaret at Joan's wedding, Sept 1960 (cropped).png Trees and river, maybe Wongong (cropped).png Two women at river swimming baths (cropped).png Isabel and George Hall, Sydney (cropped).png Cossack 1992 (full).png Girl, 2 years 3 months (cropped).png Church interior arch (full).png Margaret at Prospect Street in Adelaide (cropped).png Tiny print, Margaret near window (cropped).png Cut print, three women (cropped).png The 'boy' looking coy (cropped).png Dorothy D riding a horse (cropped).png Margaret Wilson, hat and weatherboards (cropped).png Rae Hussey, Margaret Wilson, Adele's husband, and Joan (cropped).png Wendy Ayers nee Hutchinson, baby with rabbit (cropped).png Margaret, Sept 1932 (cropped).png Margaret Donegan, 1939 or 1940 (cropped).png Murray and Margaret Wilson at a ball with friends (cropped).png Wendy Hutchinson's wedding, 1971 (cropped).png Daisy Mc with dog (cropped).png Margaret at Edith Wilson's (cropped).png Manor House School in Ashby de la Zouch (cropped).png Man and girl standing in front of a hedge (cropped).png Maybe Margaret, in the bush (cropped).png Norman Watson, Helen Hall, Gwyn Hutchinson at Wooramel c1926 (cropped).png Ruth Hammon and Margaret Hall in Carnarvon with a horse.png Hall family home in Carnarvon (cropped).png Margaret, Joan, and Constance in Perth.png Warehouse and office, Cossack, cropped.png Joan, dog, and Margaret at Mt Satarist (cropped).png Helen with Constance and Margaret, Strelley 1915 (cropped).png Constance with Margaret, Aug 29 1915 (cropped).png