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This is a list of things that need to be done on ArchivesWiki.

  1. 1843 Almanack with notes about the Hill family of Paulton (Transcribe.)
  2. Ada Maud Florence Hall (Add article.)
  3. C.B. Berryman 1983 (Correct OCR and link names and places.)
  4. Children at Sherlock Station (Transcribe the text on the photo.)
  5. Coincident regarding an interview on 6WF (Finish transcription.)
  6. Collection of letters from T.H. Barker to his wife Mary
  7. Descendants of Charles Frederick Barker of Copenhagen
  8. Descent of TH Barker from Edmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset (Trascribe 2 pages.)
  9. Descent of Thomas Henry Barker from the Plantagenets
  10. Elizabeth Merrett (née Coppin)
  11. Family tree of John Hill of Hill House (Transcribe.)
  12. Fawcett article, Sunday Independent, 1975
  13. Freemason certificate of James William Munday (Scan.)
  14. Fremantle Society Photographic Survey/todo
  15. H. E. Hall land grant application, 1830
  16. James Anderton Hall
  17. John Hill Munday's notebook (Transcribe end part, and double-check links and formatting in main text.)
  18. John Livingston (What relation to John Livingston Wilson?)
  19. Joseph Hill's indenture certificate
  20. Letter from Charles F. Fearon Barker to TH Barker, 28 March 1900
  21. Letter from Ernest to Aubrey Hall 26th November 1916 (Transcribe.)
  22. Letter from Ernest to Aubrey, 11 November 1914 (Transcribe letter.)
  23. Letter from Ernest to Aubrey, June 9th (Transcribe.)
  24. Letter from Fanny Cook to Catherine Munday 29 November 1875
  25. Letter from Henry Cook to John Hill Munday, 24 October 1876
  26. Letter from John Hill Munday to Thomas Galliard Cook aft.1875 (Transcribe)
  27. Letter from T.H. Barker to his wife Mary, 3 November 1903
  28. Letter to Mrs. Munday, 22 March 1876
  29. Lilian Jessie Rae Hussey (née Wilson)
  30. Mary Wilson (née McHarg) (Find this in Trove.)
  31. Masters' certificate of James William Munday, 1862 (Scan.)
  32. P5 of list of donations to the WA Museum, 1971 (Find remaining pages of document.)
  33. Pedigree of Hill of Paulton
  34. Register of death of Alice Rose Munday
  35. Register of land sale, Armstrong to Hall, 1847 (Continue transcribing.)
  36. Sequence of flying instruction
  37. Thomas Soutter Lodge
  38. Tree of descendants of John Denton (Transcribe, or maybe just integrate data into the rest of the site.)
  39. Young women in Carnarvon (Decipher names)