1943-03-17 letter from Edith to Murray Wilson

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Title: 1943-03-17 letter from Edith to Murray Wilson
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Storage location: Congdon Box 1
Authors: Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall)
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Keywords: H.M. Wilson Archives
Description: Letter from Edith Wilson to her son Murray at 75 OTU in the Middle East.


Aus 406376
F/Lt W.M. Wilson
75 Operational Training Unit
Middle East

Letter 21.

Mrs J. Wilson
98 Herbert Road
Shenton Park
March 17th 1943

My dear Murray,

I find that it is three weeks since I last wrote to you. [illegible]  I posted you a parcel on March 5th with a few goodies & a photo of Garrick. Jean posted a cake to you a few days later, & as it was a [illegible]  parcel, the photo & small tin of strawberry jam would not go in, so she asked me to include them in my parcel.

I was so glad to know that the chocs in the delayed parcel were good, that I included one block I had given to me, (we cannot buy them now) in this last on, & hope it does not melt on the way.

The Harrisons' have had the phone put on, chiefly on account of W.H.[?]  he still goes to work, but is not too well. I heard the other day that his brother Len, died suddenly a while ago supposed you knew him.

I have not seen Milton for ages, or Hazel for some weeks. They are at home again, & I think Hazel has a lass staying with her, whose husband is also away. Joy has a permanent job, similar to the one she had before her marriage

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confidential, they rang me, for your address, & said they were writing to you [illegible] .

All the girls & children seemed to enjoy their stay at the cottage, I was glad that it was vacant & could let Margaret have it. Anderton & Betty are there at present for a last night (renting) until next Sunday, & it is booked for Easter. I will go down for a while, perhaps take a friend depends on the weather.

On Sunday last I went to Aunt [illegible]  for dinner. Eva was there, had come up on Friday night & brought a 'chook', which we had cold with ham & salads, the day was beautiful,

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