Airgraph 1943-11-28 Edith to Murray (letter 16)

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Title: Airgraph 1943-11-28 Edith to Murray (letter 16)
Parent item: Wilson family airgraphs
Storage location: H.M. Wilson Archives/Folder 2
Authors: Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall)
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Related people: William Murray Wilson · Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall)
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Mrs J.H. Wilson 98 Herbert Rd Shenton Park WA

Nov 38th 1943

No 16. Page 1.

My dear Murray,

By the time this reaches you dear, you will have had notice that the cash is waiting for you at the bank, they said that they had to send it to Cairo, & they would arrange from there. Jean said she wanted to send you £5 & suggested that if sent it altogheter it would be a good idea, so that is how it came to be £15. So I [illegible]  her to send you a cable to that effect & I sent you one also, I wanted your to know that I had had airgraphs but they said they only had the number for the single a/g. I had 3 pages he afternoon after I had posted 3 pages to you in the morning. 7 & 8 from you, then this week I had Sept 4 from you, very much delayed, postmarked Sept 19th & not received until Nov 26th but I was glad to get it dear, with your wishes for my birthday, which now seems so long ago, & glad to know that the papers are reaching you. The [illegible]  was an old one I found here. I must let you have Rae's new address, it is NWX3473 Sr R Wilson 115 AGH Heidelberg Vic, she has 3 pips [illegible]  now, since last may it is grand for her to be posted there, where she will see so many of her friends & relations. She certainly knows a great deal, but it will have to wait until after the war. She tells very little, I heard a great deal more from other people, but she was the same when she returned from M.E. & we all respect her ways, & do not worry her with questions, but I was glad to have her here & to be able to give her some comforts & attention. She looked wonderfully well when she had to move on, & of course had another week in father's home town, to break the journey if she had to return, which she did not do. She is in a lovely ?? & should be very happy there, she wrote over for her tennis smock & shoes which I have sent. She hopes to be able to take it up again, & with Pat & Joan, & Mary Shepherd besides heaps of other friends; & Sherbrooke always is only too glad to welcome her & her friends. She should have a much [illegible]  life now after [illegible]  years of hard living conditions. Cont.

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