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Genealogical research about the ancestors of H. Margaret Wilson's children, and the descendants of her grandparents.

Family trees

William Murray WilsonEdith Olive Wilson (née Hall)James Herbert WilsonHelen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)Harold Aubrey HallHelen Rose Hall (née Lodge)Peter Innes DoneganJames Anderton HallLilian Helena Hall (née Bruce)Lilian Jessie Rae Hussey (née Wilson)Dorothy Jean McHarg WilsonFrederick Gordon WilsonHerbert Bruce WilsonOlive Adele WilsonMary Wilson (née McHarg)William WilsonHenry Edward Hastings HallSarah Theodosia Hall (née Branson)Lucy Hall (née Lazenby)Ada Maud Florence HallHubert Sylvian HallErnest Anderton Frank HallSydney (or Cecil) Randel HallAnne Lumley Hall (née Bernard)Henry Edward Hall snr.William Shakespeare HallEdward Frank HallTheodosia Sophia Hester (née Hall)Laetitia Hester (née Hall)Charlotte Catharina HallThomas BransonAndrew Oswald WilsonCharles William McHarg WilsonMargaret Rae WilsonWilliam Garrick WilsonJessie Susan WilsonMary 'Maimie' Agnes WilsonRobert 'Bob' Crichton WilsonAgnes Hay WilsonJanet Wilson (née Garrick)William Wilson snr.David Garrick or GariqueJames Mitchell WilsonRobert G. WilsonHannah Boyd Hall (née Lazenby)Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall)Joan Leake HallSarah Constance Lodge (née Leake)Thomas Soutter LodgeGeorge LazenbyMary Ann WellsHenry Ernest HallJoy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall)William Shakespeare Hall Jr.Grace HallJane Wesley Rowe (née Lazenby)George Walpole LeakeRose Ellen Leake (née Gliddon)Joan Soutter LodgeRobert John LodgeMary Anne SoutterRobert John Lodge Sr.Luke LeakeMary-Ann WalpoleGeorge Leake (1856–1902)Blanche Edith Kelsall (née Leake)Ann HeadingLuke Leake (1756–1799)Luke Samuel LeakeAlice Webster (d.1787)George Leake (1726-1771)Rev. Oliver LodgeFrank Bertram HusseyBertram HusseyHilda McCueRobert Gordon AgnewRobert David Garrick AgnewHelen Wilson (née Nelson)Jessie BowdenDaphne June RobinsonIris ArnoldJames William LangAlan Louis Mathew BerrymanMaurice SalomThis is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.

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Generation 1

Name Born Married Died Wikipedia
Lily Clifton bef. 1920 aft. 1920
Madge Louise Gilmore (née Clifton) 1906 16 September 1944 2005
John Bruan Luard Gilmore
Millicent Joyce Branson Clifton 1912 1920
Tita Clifton bef. 1920 aft. 1920
Frederick Lodge Martin 1914 1941
Dennis Lodge Martin 1916 1945
Derrick Mowbay Robertson
Patricia Hanson Martin 1921
John Dulford Walmond 1942
Constance Janet Martin 1929
Ian Wallman
Nancy Lodge 1921
Henry Soutter Lodge 1924
Gladys Jean Smith 1946
Thomas Alexander John Lodge 1926
Mathew Oliver Lodge 1933
Marice Salom
Joan Leake Hall 1919
Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall) 1912
Alan Louis Mathew Berryman
Peter Innes Donegan 1913 1939
Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall) 1915 2000
William Murray Wilson 1914 1953
Daphne June Robinson
Herbert Bruce Wilson 1918 2005
Iris Arnold 1925 1959
Lilian Jessie Rae Hussey (née Wilson) 1910 2011
Frank Bertram Hussey 1908 1985
Olive Adele Wilson 1908 1970
James William Lang 1900
Jessie Bowden
Frederick Gordon Wilson 1906 1963
Helen Wilson (née Nelson)
Dorothy Jean McHarg Wilson 1904 1974
Robert Gordon Agnew

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  25. The Nile, taken by Murray
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  40. Papers about the FotBL and ASA
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  44. Nancy Lodge
  45. Millicent Joyce Branson Clifton
  46. Maurice Salom
  47. Mary Wilson (née McHarg)
  48. Mary Anne Soutter
  49. Margaret Rae Wilson
  50. Madge Louise Gilmore (née Clifton)
  51. Lucy Hall (née Lazenby)
  52. Linlathen
  53. Lily Clifton
  54. Lilian Jessie Rae Hussey (née Wilson)
  55. Lilian Helena Hall (née Bruce)
  56. Kate Harriott Oldenbourg Clifton
  57. Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall)
  58. John Dulford Walmond
  59. John Bruan Luard Gilmore
  60. Joan Soutter Lodge
  61. Joan Leake Hall
  62. Janet Wilson (née Garrick)
  63. Jane Wesley Rowe (née Lazenby)
  64. James William Lang
  65. James Mitchell Wilson
  66. James Herbert Wilson
  67. James Anderton Hall
  68. Ian Wallman
  69. Hilda McCue
  70. Herbert Bruce Wilson
  71. Henty Hastings Hall
  72. Henry Soutter Lodge
  73. Henry Ernest Hall
  74. Henry Edward Hastings Hall
  75. Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge)
  76. Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)
  77. Helen and Aubrey Hall, Roebourne 1911
  78. Harold Aubrey Hall
  79. Hannah Boyd Hall (née Lazenby)
  80. Hall's Cottage
  81. Hall Family Tree by Margaret Wilson
  82. Hall family seal
  83. Hall family duelling pistols
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  85. H.M. Wilson Archives
  86. H. E. Hall land grant application, 1830
  87. Grace Hall
  88. Gervase Clifton
  89. George Walpole Leake
  90. George Leake (1856–1902)
  91. George Lazenby
  92. Frederick Lodge Martin
  93. Frederick Gordon Wilson
  94. Frank Bertram Hussey
  95. Esther Winifred Hall (née Smalpage)
  96. Enid Joan Lodge (née McRae)
  97. Dorothy Jean McHarg Wilson
  98. Derrick Mowbay Robertson
  99. Dennis Lodge Martin
  100. Constance Janet Martin
  101. Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall)
  102. Charlotte Catharina Hall
  103. Charles William McHarg Wilson
  104. Carriage clock 1967 repair receipt
  105. C.M. Wilson Pty. Ltd.
  106. C.B. Berryman family history
  107. Bertram Hussey
  108. Barrhill
  109. Anne Lumley Hall (née Bernard)
  110. Andrew Oswald Wilson
  111. Alan Louis Mathew Berryman
  112. Ada Maud Florence Hall
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