H.M. Wilson Archives

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The H.M. Wilson Archives contain records and genealogical research about the ancestors of H. Margaret Wilson's children, and the descendants of her grandparents (Hannah & Shakespeare Hall, and Connie & Tom Lodge).

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There are 71 people recorded in these archives:

Person Birth Death Elsewhere
Ada Maud Florence Solberg (née Hall) Roebourne, Western Australia Q113960966 Hall-22141 LDWF-B1Q
Agnes Hay Wilson Sydney, New South Wales Wilson-85055
Alexander Macleod Wilson Wilson-97349
Andrew Oswald Wilson Melbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia Wikipedia Q21664073 Wilson-85028 LDWF-YKK
Arthur Oliver Lodge Perth Wikipedia Q114712600 Lodge-1951 GWMQ-4Y2
Bertram Fowler Hussey Perth Hussey-2510 KHW4-7NZ
Bertram Frank Hussey Toodyay, Western Australia Shenton Park, Western Australia Hussey-2509 M3ZC-ZX6
Catherine 'Katie' Lambert Wilson (née Leitch) Leitch-1325
Charles William McHarg Wilson Melbourne, Victoria Linlathen Wilson-85052 97FN-7MB
Daphne June Wilson (née Robinson)
Dennis Lodge Martin Perth, Western Australia Borneo Q89700272 Martin-80315 GZTY-Z6R
Derrick Mowbay Robertson South Africa Perth, Western Australia KZW1-1TL
Dorothy Jean McHarg Agnew (née Wilson) Wilson-85035 LDWF-Y3K
Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall) Roebourne Perth Hall-22340 K86L-2CW
Edna May Hussey (née Wesche) Wesche-33
Elizabeth Carolina Clifton (née Oldenbourg) Colima, Mexico Perth, Western Australia
Enid Joan Lodge (née McRae) McRae-1279 9JBL-ZYQ
Ernest Albert Donegan Toodyay, Western Australia Perth, Western Australia Donegan-263 K8LW-CXR
Ernest Anderton Frank Hall Armadale, Western Australia West Perth, Western Australia Hall-22330 9VL3-CKP
Ernest Theo. Hall Hall-70967
Esther Winifred Hall (née Smalpage) Wyndham, Western Australia Perth, Western Australia
Frederick Gordon Wilson Wilson-84994 K2TT-CKH
Frederick Lodge Martin Syria Martin-80316 GZTY-FGP
George Lazenby Spalding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Western Australia Wikipedia Q17479330 Lazenby-327 KDBN-K7M
George William Henry Hall Perth, Western Australia Bunbury, Western Australia Hall-22328
Gervase Clifton Albany, Western Australia Perth, Western Australia Clifton-3308
Gladys Jean Lodge (née Smith) Smith-111293 GD35-QHZ
Gwynneth Winifred Hutchinson (née Hall) Hall-55250
Hannah Boyd Hall (née Lazenby) Cossack, Western Australia Q28918158 Lazenby-491 K8JF-P88
Harold Aubrey Hall Perth, Western Australia Swanbourne, Western Australia Q33169956 Hall-47093 MWQK-S43
Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) Grass Valley, near Northam, Western Australia Q96755346 Lodge-1830 LDWV-9P5
Helen Wilson (née Nelson)
Henry Souttar Lodge Lodge-598 GWMQ-7BM
Henty Hastings Hall Hall-67981
Herbert Bruce Wilson Wilson-85025 LDWF-YQ3
Hilda McCue McCue-782
Hubert Sylvian Hall Roebourne, Western Australia Moora, Western Australia Hall-22341
Ian Wallman
James Anderton Hall Essex, England Western Australia Q46167569 Hall-22325 9VL3-C22
James Herbert Edward Hall Hamersley Range, Western Australia Roebourne, Western Australia Hall-22339 9V2B-6P3
James Herbert Wilson Melbourne Perth Q108117390 Wilson-84877 KZ42-CX9
James William Lang Lang-8003 LDH8-YYW
Jean Bennett Wilson (née Livingston) Subiaco, Western Australia GZB2-Z4Z
Jessie May Wilson (née Bowden) Beverley, Western Australia Carnarvon, Western Australia Bowden-4054 K2VM-JZ4
Jessie Susan Wilson Wilson-85054
John Bruan Luard Gilmore
John Dulford Walrond GC9Y-66H
Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall) Roebourne, Western Australia Bath, England Q33166236 Hall-47110
Judith Helen Bond (née Donegan) Donegan-322 G89X-36F
Lilian Jessie Rae Hussey (née Wilson) Shenton Park, Western Australia Q108122058 Wilson-85026 GZBC-YFK
Lillian Bertha Ella Hall Roebourne, Western Australia near Roebourne, Western Australia Hall-22332 LDWF-B11
Lynda Amy Kathleen Donegan (née Innes) Chidlow, Perth, Western Australia Brockton Q64796915 Innes-1595
Margaret Rae Wilson Wilson-85056
Mary 'Maimie' Agnes Wilson Wilson-85053
Maurice Salom Western Australia Salom-42 M3K5-9SM
Nancy Lodge Capel, Western Australia Shenton Park, Perth Lodge-1949 GM1Z-24C
Olive Adele Lang (née Wilson) Western Australia Wilson-85033 LDWF-Y7Z
Patricia Helen Robertson (née Martin) Q112970816 Martin-76669 GC9R-8SP
Patricia Kathleen Donegan Donegan-265 GMQQ-L6N
Reginald George Hall Hall-70968
Robert 'Bob' Crichton Wilson Linlathen, 133 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury, Victoria, Australia Wilson-85058 97FN-1SN
Robert Gordon Agnew Fremantle, Western Australia Perth, Western Australia Agnew-1965 LDKK-D8Y
Robert Henry Hester France Roebourne Hester-2515
Robert John "Jack" Lodge Beverley, Western Australia Hollywood Hospital, Nedlands, Western Australia Lodge-1096 GMS9-MNR
Rosamond Jean Agnew Perth, Western Australia Perth, Western Australia Agnew-2386 LDKK-D6P
Sydney (or Cecil) Randel Hall Roebourne, Western Australia Hall-22342
Thomas Alexander John Lodge Perth, Western Australia Perth, Western Australia Lodge-1950 GM1Z-N13
Thomas Branson Q107303012 Branson-556 KHCN-R9R
William Garrick Wilson Wilson-85057 97VT-Q2S
William Garrick Wilson (jnr) Perth, Western Australia Wilson-110312
William Murray Wilson Claremont, Western Australia West Perth, Western Australia Q88222462 Wilson-84876 LDWF-Y3Q