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Storage locations: Folder 1, Congdon shelf 13 (box 1, box 2)
Type Unique identifier Date Date precision Authors People Places
photo Studio photo of 4 children with gun
collection Wilson family glass negatives/Box 6
photo Photo of staff of Andrew Agnew & Co. Andrew Agnew
photo Wongon Farm faded colour photo Wongong Western Australia
photo Lighter off Cossack, Gwen Hutchinson Cossack
photo Street in Carnarvon Carnarvon Western Australia
photo Aubrey Hall portrait, Cossack Harold Aubrey Hall Cossack
photo Margaret and Joan at Cossack with cats Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall) Joan Leake Salom (née Hall)
photo Two horses, location unknown
photo HAH wearing his hat Harold Aubrey Hall Joan Leake Salom (née Hall) Alex McRae
photo Mowering with two goannas
photo Young women in Carnarvon Joan Leake Salom (née Hall) Doreen Smith Iolanthe "Biddy" Fane Agnes King Sheila Skipworth Carnarvon Western Australia
photo Murray and Margaret Wilson, poor quality print William Murray Wilson Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)
photo Helen Rose Lodge, cut oval Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge)
photo Thomas Strong portrait exact Thomas Strong
document H. E. Hall land grant application, 1830 1830-02-26 exact Henry Edward Hastings Hall Henry Edward Hastings Hall Swan River Colony
letter Letter from W.S. Hall to his sister Sarah Bracher, 1864 1864-06-30 month William Shakespeare Hall William Shakespeare Hall Sarah Louisa Bracher (née Hall)
photo William Shakespeare Hall portrait 1870 circa William Shakespeare Hall
book Aubrey Hall's Works of Tennyson 1896-05-20 day Harold Aubrey Hall
photo Aubrey Hall oval portrait 1900-01-01 12:00:00 AM circa Harold Aubrey Hall
photo Seven Leake sisters, 1904 1904-01-01 year
photo School photo including G.E. Hall, 24 May 1906 1906-05-24 day
photo 19 Richardson Street, West Perth 1910 circa William Garrick Wilson Catherine 'Katie' Wilson 19 Richardson Street, West Perth West Perth
photo Ernest Hall c.1920s 1910-01-01 circa Ernest Anderton Frank Hall
photo Wilson family at Oswald and May's wedding, 1910 1910-12-17 day Andrew Oswald Wilson May Wilson (née Livingston) Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall) James Herbert Wilson
photo Helen and Aubrey Hall, Roebourne 1911 1911-01-01 year Unknown Harold Aubrey Hall Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) Roebourne
Helen Rose Hall, July 1913 1913-07-01 month Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge)
collection Four photos from Andover Station 1917-01-01 circa Harold Aubrey Hall Andover Station
photo Aubrey and Helen Hall, two young men unknown, Ernest (Far's brother), and poss. Connie (maybe in Cossack) 1920-01-01 circa Harold Aubrey Hall Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) Henry Ernest Hall Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall) Cossack Western Australia
photo Children at Sherlock Station 1920-01-01 circa Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall) Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall) Joan Leake Salom (née Hall) Reginald George Hall Sherlock Station Western Australia
photo Wilson family at Rottnest, 1923 1923-04-01 month Rottnest
photo Wilson family on Rottnest ferry c.1925 1925-01-01 circa James Herbert Wilson Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall) William Murray Wilson Rottnest
photo Margaret and Joan Hall, Cossack, 1920s 1925-01-01 circa Unknown Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall) Joan Leake Salom (née Hall) Cossack
photo Aubrey Hall profile 1920s 1925 circa Harold Aubrey Hall
Article about pearl diving by Peter Donegan 1930-01-01 circa Peter Innes Donegan Broome Western Australia
letter Letter from Aubrey Hall to Margaret Donegan, 6 August 1937 1937-08-06 day Harold Aubrey Hall Harold Aubrey Hall Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)
photo Aubrey Hall with two lambs 1939-09-01 month Harold Aubrey Hall
photo Site of Hall family house, Cossack, 1963 1963-01-01 year Cossack
photo Cossack Bond Store, 1966 1966-01-01 year Cossack
photo Millstream house, 1979 1979-01-01 year Millstream Pilbarra Western Australia
photo Hall family duelling pistols 1990-01-01 circa
document Coincident regarding an interview on 6WF 1992-01-01 year Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall) William Shakespeare Hall Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)