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Storage locations: Folder 1, Congdon shelf 13 (box 1, box 2)
Type Unique identifier Date Date precision Authors People Places
photo Studio photo of 4 children with gun
photo William Shakespeare Hall portrait exact William Shakespeare Hall
photo Thomas Strong portrait exact Thomas Strong
photo Photo of staff of Andrew Agnew & Co. Andrew Agnew
collection Wilson family glass negatives/Box 6
document H. E. Hall land grant application, 1830 1830-02-26 exact Henry Edward Hastings Hall Henry Edward Hastings Hall Swan River Colony
letter Letter from W.S. Hall to his sister Sarah Bracher, 1864 1864-06-30 month William Shakespeare Hall William Shakespeare Hall Sarah Louisa Bracher (née Hall)
photo Seven Leake sisters, 1904 1904-01-01 year
photo 19 Richardson Street, West Perth 1910 circa William Garrick Wilson Catherine 'Katie' Wilson 19 Richardson Street, West Perth West Perth
photo Helen and Aubrey Hall, Roebourne 1911 1911-01-01 year Unknown Harold Aubrey Hall Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) Roebourne
photo Aubrey and Helen Hall, two young men unknown, Ernest (Far's brother), and poss. Connie (maybe in Cossack) 1920-01-01 circa Harold Aubrey Hall Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) Henry Ernest Hall Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall) Cossack Western Australia
photo Wilson family on Rottnest ferry c.1925 1925-01-01 circa James Herbert Wilson Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall) William Murray Wilson Rottnest
Article about pearl diving by Peter Donegan 1930-01-01 circa Peter Innes Donegan Broome Western Australia
letter Letter from Aubrey Hall to Margaret Donegan, 6 August 1937 1937-08-06 day Harold Aubrey Hall Harold Aubrey Hall Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)
photo Hall family duelling pistols 1990-01-01 circa
document Coincident regarding an interview on 6WF 1992-01-01 year Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall) William Shakespeare Hall Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)