William Wilson snr.

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William Wilson snr.
Death: , Perth, Scotland
Parents: Robert Wilson
    – ?
Siblings: Andrew Wilson
Ephraim Wilson
    c.1790 – c.1870
William Wilson snr.
Partners: Janet Wilson (née Garrick)
    ? – bef. 1871
Children: William Wilson
James Mitchell Wilson
Robert G. Wilson
    1830 –
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William Wilson lived in Perth, Scotland.[1] He was born in about 1798.[1] Married Janet Garrick.[1] They had three sons (William, James, and Robert) who lived to maturity, and four other children who died young. Three died in 1838: David (November 21, aged 2), Agnes (November 24, aged 4), and Elizabeth (December 9, aged 7). A second Agnes died aged 2 on 23 April 1844.[1]

11 December 1850, Perthshire Constitutional & Journal:[2]


To be Sold by Public Roup, within the Salutation Inn Perth, on Friday, the 10th of January, 1851, at Two o'clock afternoon,

THAT WOOL-SPINNING MILL on Annaty Burn, in the vicinity of New Scone, recently erected by William Wilson, with the whole BUILDINGS and MACHINERY appertaining to it.

The Mill was erected within these two years. The Machinery, which is driven by water, is of the best construction and in first-rate order. The access is good, and the situation convenient, the distance from Perth being about two miles. The Ground contains 2.380 Acres Imperial or thereby.

For farther particulars, apply to John Miller, Manufacturer in Perth, the Trustee on the Estate; the James Spottiswoode, Writer in Perth, his Agent, who is in possession of the Title-Deeds and in Inventory of the Machinery; or to Messrs. Mackenzie & Dickson, Writers, Perth.

Perth, 3d December, 1850

Janet died in 1857 (aged 51).[1] He died in October 1873, aged 75.[1]