1935-12-25 Aubrey to Joan

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Title: 1935-12-25 Aubrey to Joan
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Authors: Harold Aubrey Hall
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License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
It will enter the public domain in Australia on 1 January 2033.
Related people: Harold Aubrey Hall · Joan Leake Salom (née Hall)
Related places: Yaringa South
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Christmas Day /35
Yaringa South

My dear Joan

I have just cut one of the jackeroo's hair (Russell Richardson) & John's has cut mine & Alfred T's. You will have a heavy ?? putting ?? around my ears when I get home.

There is some talk of us all going to the beach this afternoon for a bathe, but am doubtful of it coming off, a huge dinner & a very hot afternoon.

Have you seen anything of Mr Hunt lately? There is a blue ?? ?? advertised for sale in the N.T., think it must be his. You needn't always wait for the mail to write — Glen's[?]  truck always calls here. One of the Yaringa jackaroos (Frank Thatcher[?] ) is buying the truck ?? with Ron ?? & other loading, should have been here for dinner, not here yet, (3 p.m.) the poor brute is probably

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wrestling with a puncture along the road and it is as hot as Hades. A relief party has gone from here to find him.

Our chief dish for dinner was duck, chicken, & ham & peas.

Are the horses Template:?? alright, have you seen or heard any more of Mudlark & her foal or Dick & King's Park?

Have you finished at E.S. & Co yet?

Thank you dear for the book. I have wanted to read some of Arnold Bennet's books for a long time, don't think I shall get a chance here. On one of the camps I picked up Trader ?? from a book which had a full run a few years ago, I will bring it in for you & mother.

With much love

Yours affectionately