James Anderton Hall

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James Anderton Hall
Birth: , Essex, England
Death: , Western Australia
Parents: Henry Edward Hastings Hall
Sarah Theodosia Hall (née Branson)
    1793 – 17 February 1858
Siblings: Laetitia Hester (née Hall)
William Shakespeare Hall
    1825 – 1895
Theodosia Sophia Hester (née Hall)
James Anderton Hall
Edward Frank Hall
Sarah Louisa Bracher (née Hall)
    b. 1819, England; d. 1910, Victoria, Australia
Henry Hastings Hall
Partners: Lillian Helena Hall (née Bruce)
Lucy Hall (née Lazenby)
Children: Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall)
Ada Maud Florence Solberg (née Hall)
    1875-03-09 – 1942-01-01
Hubert Sylvian Hall
    b. 1885, Roebourne; d. 1929 Moora.
Ernest Anderton Frank Hall
Sydney (or Cecil) Randel Hall
    1887-06-24 – 1887-12-24
Lillian Bertha Ella Hall
John Hugh Clarence Hall
    1861-04-21 – 1884-09-30
Mary Lucy Kate Hall
    1863-03-30 – 1875-10-24
George William Henry Hall
Eva Agnes May Hall
James Herbert Edward Hall
    1880-05-20 – 1918-09-04
Samuel Godfrey Boyd Hall
    1871-02-25 – 1945-07-21
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Aged 5 (November 1834), was lost in the bush near Fremantle but was found safe asleep on the beach by a search party comprising Migo, Mollydobbin, Mr Norcott, and two others.[1]

Wreck of the Cumberland.[2]

Mentioned in History of West Australia.[3]

1852 went to Victorian goldrush with William Shakespeare Hall and Henry Hastings Hall but didn't stay long — returned to Wongong.[4]

Moved to Byford with Lillian in 1860.[4]

Died on 9 December 1888 (aged 59) in Roebourne.[5]


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