James Anderton Hall

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Birth: October 1829, Essex, England
Death: 9 December 1888, Western Australia
Parents: Henry Edward Hastings Hall (1790–1859)
Sarah Theodosia Hall (née Branson) (1793–1858)
Siblings: William Shakespeare Hall (1825–1895)
James Anderton Hall (1829–1888)
Theodosia Sophia Hall (?–?)
Partners: Lilian Helena Bruce (?–?)
Lucy Lazenby (?–?)
Children: Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall) (1882–1966)
Ada Maud Florence Hall (1875–1942)
Ernest Anderton Hall (?–1956)

Aged 5 (November 1834), was lost in the bush near Fremantle but was found safe asleep on the beach by a search party comprising Migo, Mollydobbin, Mr Norcott, and two others.[1]


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