Theodosia Sophia Hester (née Hall)

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Theodosia Sophia Hester (née Hall)
Birth: , London
Parents: Henry Edward Hall
Sarah Theodosia Hall (née Branson)
    1793 – 17 February 1858
Siblings: Laetitia Hester (née Hall)
William Shakespeare Hall
    1825 – 1895
Theodosia Sophia Hester (née Hall)
James Anderton Hall
Edward Frank Hall
Sarah Louisa Bracher (née Hall)
    b. 1819, England; d. 1910, Victoria, Australia
Henry Hastings Hall
Partners: Edward Godfrey Hester
Wikitree: Hall-4119

Born on and baptised twice (once on at Lambourne, and again on in St Andrew Undershaft in London).[1]

Theodosia Sophie Hall married Edward Godfrey Hester, a Frenchman about the same age as herself,[1] on at St George's Church in Perth.[2]


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