Letters from Jim and Edith to Murray, 4 April 1942

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Title: Letters from Jim and Edith to Murray, 4 April 1942
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Authors: Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall) · James Herbert Wilson
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Related people: William Murray Wilson · Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall) · James Herbert Wilson
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Description: Two letters to Murray Wilson, in one envelope. The first from his father Jim, dated April 4th; the second from his mother Edith, dated April 6th. Received in England in August.

Letter 1: from Jim

Edith received letter 23/3/1943 from Murray, posted Blackpool 26/10/1942.

Clipper mail has ceased.

Wrote another on 15/12/1942 from Blackpool.

[illegible]  as far as I can see are showing any signs of war strain and certainly none of us are pessimistic regarding the outcome of the war. The Japs of course are threatening Australia but you can take it from me they will never succeed in taking our country. They may possibly get a footing in the north in which case there may be some nuisance bombing but from what I can see all around me there is ample evidence the allied countries are coming to our assistance in considerable force and we shall not be short of the most necesssary war implements.

You will have heard before you get this that Rae is back in Australia. She dropped in about four weeks ago and had the whole of one evening with us. Before her ship moves[?]  on.

Jim Adele Margaret and the children Pat Callahn[?]  and Bruce[?]  were telephoned and were soon here. Had a great

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evening before taking her back to the Frem.

She is trim and well & the long sea trip completely put her on her feet again after an illness (not serious) in the middle east. Had letters from Rae since and is starting work again this week. Sent under the

If her address has no been sent on to you will include before closing.

Mother Adele Jim and the two children are down at Safety Bay today. They should have a good time a grey day without any wind just perfect autumn weather. Could no go myself as I have had another setback I was afraid of the long day. Bob has been over to Melbourne taking an officers field[?]  advanced course he returned about a week ago. I believe he did very well in the [illegible]  exam but no results through yet.

I started in Nov send you a parcel of tea sugar etc. Sent one

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[illegible]  but had to stop there, Japan taking Java has cut off our tea [illegible]  and we are limited to a very small quota (rationed). Sugar clothes groceries matches tobacco are very short. and we have to cut down on our own consumption but [illegible]  there is plenty of food stuffs & clothing materials leather etc. in Australia so you can draw your own conclusions about the extra demand. Jean Adele are going through a St Johns Amb course and mother also started a few weeks ago so now when we get a cut finger we are sure to be in [illegible]  bandage

Mother and Margaret spent yesterday afternoon in Kings Park. A delightful day and they enjoyed it. Aubrey is going back to the north west and is taking up his old job again he and Margaret and Judith came down here a few days ago & told me about it. Of course he feels that as he cannot earn anything

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down here he might as well be back where he can earn a few pounds weekly. Young Judith looks a picture of health and is a very nice child. Like nearly everybody else here we are cutting out our flower garden and planting[?]  a few vegetables. Military forces are taking about ⅔ of stuff offering at the market so things are scarce and dear. Have a few carrots parsnips potatoes peas silverbeet (spinach) and runner beans in, they seem to be coming on nicely. If I am here next spring will do a bit more of this as it is rather nice work and I enjoy it. Mother helps a good deal with it. No football this year most of the boys are in uniform. Subiaco FC has 50 members with the forces & I belive it is a record among the clubs. Am sending you [illegible]  the "Sydney Bulletin" it is now I think the best of weeklies here.

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The Western Mail and Australasian have been cut down so. They are almost useless. You will remember the drought conditions in Sydney when you went away. These conditions continued till last week & they were down to a face bowl wash only. On Wednesday last they had eleven inches of rain in 24 hours. The dams had received 10,000 mill galls [illegible]  of [illegible]  250 days supply of 60 m-galls daily. Now that the drought has broken they will probably get a lot more. the season throughout the rest of Australia has been good. WA has had rather too much in fact & many [illegible]  have received even as far as the trans. railway however water supply and [illegible]  mean a good season to follow.

The tools you left here are alright as far as I can see. Aubrey Hall put all his stuff in from the

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Nor West and there is no room to work in the place but I do not require it so it doesn't matter.

Rae's address:


April 6th They had a nice time at Safety Bay yesterday the last of the Easter holidays today. E. Monday everybody is working. Mother says there are fix or six buses coming home [illegible]  people standing all the way with girls sitting on their cases etc. So am glad I did not go down. Jim is trying to get a few days off and if successful will go down with the family he has not had an leave for a long time. [illegible]  good bye old chap best of luck & hoping to see you in Australia before long,

Your aft father.

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Later. Your letter No 9 [illegible]  just received & mother is [illegible]  to add a note. Quite agree with you about Burton Curtin himself is not so bad but Rome and his ministers are dreadful. Mark [illegible]  Beasley and [illegible]  particularly. You may have heard by this about Churchill grabbing Casey from the [illegible]  British War Cabinet this upset the Labor crowd here as Curtin has made up his mind to have a Labour man representing Australia in this important position. Churchill didn't want a labour man as men of outstanding ability are required for these jobs [illegible]  frustrated the Labour party and put Casey in. Casey is an able man [illegible]  very likable and so he blocked Curtin nominating Evat for the job or possibly himself.

Very glad to get your letter and hear all your news.