Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)

Birth: 10 July 1915, Busselton, Western Australia
Death: 21 February 2000, East Fremantle, Western Australia
Parents: Harold Aubrey Hall (1871–1963)
Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) (1888–1967)
Siblings: Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall) (1915–2000)
Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall) (1912–unknown)
Joan Leake Hall (1919–unknown)
Partners: William Murray Wilson (1914–1953)
Peter Innes Donegan

Helen Margaret Hall was born on 10 July 1915 in Busselton, Western Australia.[1]

She married Peter Innes Donegan on 15 September 1936 in St Georges Cathedral in Perth. They had one daughter, in 193x. Peter died in 1939 in an aviation accident.

She remarried in 19xx, to William Murray Wilson, with whom she had two sons.

She died on 21 February 2000 in East Fremantle, Western Australia, at the Braemar nursing home.


  1. Western Australian registry of Births, 1915. Registration number 39 in the district of Sussex.

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