Letter from Aubrey Hall to Margaret Donegan, 6 August 1937

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Title: Letter from Aubrey Hall to Margaret Donegan, 6 August 1937
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Authors: Harold Aubrey Hall
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Mrs P. I. Donegan

5 Prospect Road
South Australia

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Carnarvon Club (Inc.,)

Carnarvon, W.A.,



My dear Margaret,

Being a gentleman of leisure at the moment, but not I regret today one of the idle rich here [illegible] }. Am on holiday until Sept, when I expect to return to [illegible]  next Tuesday hope to get a lift to CK with Alex Angelo, when D.V. I shall see [illegible] , get what information I can re Grace and Williams for the Trustee Cy [illegible]  dates I need before I can expend the

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balance of the Hall memorial Fund on the grave (nearly a hundred pounds) have already spent about £115 on the Memorial Screen in Roebourne Church and [illegible]  a lot of information only the old [illegible] .

Cousin [illegible]  is putting up £25 to get a professional genealogist in England to compile an [illegible]  family tree. Allen K. went overland to [illegible]  with Leslie Selling[?] , whilst he was away I was at the homestead and worked from there after he returned. As soon as Allen got home, he went off to [illegible]  and brought up [illegible]  and Mrs Shean and Beryl Saunders. I put on half a stone whilst at the homestead and enjoyed the pleasant company, the [illegible]  is a learned cleric and Mrs H. a perfect dear, but they are both a little difficult to talk to, he very deaf and she slightly deaf and talks very quickly and has a cleft palate.

Dorothy? Mosely is engaged to Hoot

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Gibson. Allen took a snap of the family at Mardie[?] . D. looks handsome, Margaret pretty. Geo. M. huge and Mrs M. very much aged. Reg is on a station on the Ashburton only about 800 sheep on Coburn, £2 000 pounds expended on new bores on Coburn without getting anything but salt water.

I don’t think Woramel will shear more than fifteen thousand sheep this year.

Winnie has let half of 8 Outram Street and reserved the other half for themselves.

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Mother, Con ad Berry very well. Berry’s garden flourishing. Just before I came in, Tommy[?]  injured himself, apparently on the [illegible]  fence and had to be shot. Very sad.

John [illegible]  farewelled at the Club this afternoon. A big mob playing billiards whilst I write and a lady or ladies being entertained in the [illegible]  room.

If you hung Carnarvon up by the heels, you wouldn’t get the price of a drink out of it. Alex Fane secured the lease of the Commons, then tried to hand it over to Geo. F. The Council

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cancelled his lease and leased it to Darcy Mcleod[?]  so I should be fairly right as Darcy didn’t pay me a shilling for his [illegible]  horses for years. For that matter neither did the Fanes.

Did Peter complete his welding course? Well done for his A licence. Berry and I will put thro 20' lengths of 4x4 [illegible]  "[illegible] ", until and get Pete to fly? her when you come over to the W.? Winnie brought a woman? cook for …? Before that Gwyn had the babes and housework all on her own.

Love to you both, Dad