Lynda Amy Kathleen Donegan (née Innes)

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Lynda Amy Kathleen Donegan (née Innes)
(1887–1977, Western Australia)
Birth: , Chidlow, Perth, Western Australia
Death: , Brockton
Parents: Eliza Nixon Innes (née Waters)
James Malcolm E. Innes
Siblings: Lynda Amy Kathleen Donegan (née Innes)
    1887–1977, Western Australia
Partners: Ernest Albert Donegan
    1887–1956, Western Australia
Children: Peter Innes Donegan
Patricia Kathleen Tozer (née Donegan)
Judith Helen Bond (née Donegan)
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9 February 1907:[1] (note that Toodyay was called Newcastle until 1910):

Before her departure from Newcastle, the St. Stephen's Church choir took the opportunity of presenting Miss Lynda Innes with a very pretty crocodile-skin purse-bag as a mark of esteem. Miss Piesse made the presentation on behalf of the members, and expressed the great regret they all felt at losing Miss Innes from the choir, where she would be much missed at practice and at church service.

14 October 1911::[2]

Wedding at Cbldlow's Wells.—A wedding of interest to Toodyay people was celebrated at Chidlow's Well, on Tuesday last, by the Rev. A. Craven. The young lady who undertook the life's partnership was Miss Lynda Innes youngest daughter of Mr. Innes (until late years a resident of Toodyay). Mr. E. A. Donegan (who to the writer and his other school chums was known as "Pongo" or "Silas") said "he would." and at the subsequent reception made a response to the bride and bridegroom's toast. The very happy couple were sweethearts from boy and girlhood, and we wish them a jolly, smoodging lifetime.

2 November 1911:[3]

DONEGAN—INNES.—On Tuesday, October 10, 1911, at Chidlow's Well, by Rev. A. Craven, B.A., Ernest Albert, third son of Mrs. Thomas Donegan, of Toodyay, to Lynda Amy Kathleen, youngest daughter of Mrs. E. N. Innes, of Chidlow's Well.


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