John Bruan Luard Gilmore

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John Bruan Luard Gilmore
(unknown – c. 1982)
Birth: unknown
Death: c. 1982
Partners: Madge Louise Gilmore (née Clifton)
Keywords: H.M. Wilson Archives

John Gilmore married Madge Louise Gilmore (née Clifton). Their wedding (and engagement) announcement was published in the West Australian as follows:[1]

The engagement is announced and the marriage will take place at 6 pm on Saturday, September 16, at St Mary's Church Colin-street, between Madge Louise (AAMWS), only daughter of Mrs Joy Clifton, and youngest daughter of the late Gervase Clifton, and Lieutenant (E) John Brian Luard Gilmore, Royal Navy, elder son of the late R. J. Gilmore and Mrs Gilmore, of Assam, India, and Sussex, England.

During the Second World War he served with the Royal Navy and was based in Eastbourne. As a (Engineer) Lieutenant he received the Distinguished Service Cross "for gallantry, resource and devotion to duty", whilst serving on board H.M.S. Clyde on special operations in the Far East.[2]


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