Madge Louise Clifton

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Birth: 1906
Death: unknown
Parents: Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall) (1876–1960)
Gervase Clifton (1863–1933)
Siblings: Lily Clifton (unknown–unknown)
Madge Louise Clifton (1906–unknown)
Millicent Joyce Branson Clifton (1912–1920)
Tita Clifton (1920–1920)
Partners: John Bruan Luard Gilmore (unknown–unknown)

Madge Louise "Lulu" Clifton was the daughter of Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall) and Gervase Clifton, born in 1906. She married John Bruan Luard Gilmore on 16 September 1944,[1] and died in 2005.

She and her sisters attended Perth College.[2]


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