Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall)

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Birth: 14 July 1876
Death: 5 April 1960
Parents: Hannah Boyd Hall (née Lazenby) (1849–1911)
William Shakespeare Hall (1825–1895)
Siblings: Harold Aubrey Hall (1871–1963)
Henry Ernest Hall (1869–1941)
Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall) (1876–1960)
William Shakespeare Hall Jr. (1878–1879)
Grace Hall (1875–1875)
Partners: Gervase Clifton (1863–1933)
Children: Lily Clifton (unknown–unknown)
Madge Louise Clifton (1906–unknown)
Millicent Joyce Branson Clifton (1912–1920)
Tita Clifton (1920–1920)

Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Hall was born in 1876 in Cossack,[1] fourth child of Hannah Boyd Hall (née Lazenby) and William Shakespeare Hall.

She married Gervase Clifton in 1905[2] and they had four daughters: Millicent Joyce Branson Clifton (who died young); Lily Clifton; Madge Louise Clifton; and Tita Clifton. All daughters attended Perth College.[3]

She died on 5 April 1960 in Bath, England.[4]


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