Thomas Soutter Lodge

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Birth: 8 May 1852
Death: 1938
Parents: Robert John Lodge Sr. (1830–?)
Mary Anne Soutter (?–?)
Siblings: Thomas Soutter Lodge (1852–1938)
Partners: Sarah Constance Lodge (née Leake) (1860–1939)
Children: Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) (1888–1967)
Joan Soutter Lodge (1892–?)
Robert John Lodge (1894–1971)

Thomas Soutter Lodge was the yongest son and 12th of the 13 children of Robert John Lodge and Mary Anne Soutter.[1] Born on 8 May.[1]

He lived in The Grove, Highgate, London, in a house which was still standing in 1922 — divided into flats, of which Robert Donat owned one.[1]

He attended Clifton College near Bristol and later travelled to the US and India (where his brother was in the Army).[1]

Known as 'Bups' to his grandchildren

He died in 1938.[1]

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