Thomas Soutter Lodge

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Thomas Soutter Lodge
Helen with Tom Lodge, 1909, cropped for Tom.png
T.S. Lodge in January 1909 in a studio photograph with his daughter Helen.
Birth: , Highgate, London
Death: , Cottesloe, Western Australia
Parents: Robert John Lodge Sr.
Mary Anne Lodge (née Soutter)
Siblings: Thomas Soutter Lodge
Partners: Sarah Constance Lodge (née Leake)
Children: Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge)
Joan Soutter Martin (née Lodge)
Robert John "Jack" Lodge
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Wikitree: Lodge-1831
FamilySearch: LLW4-91P

Thomas Soutter Lodge was the youngest son and 12th of the 13 children of Robert John Lodge Sr. and Mary Anne Lodge (née Soutter).[1] Born on 8 May.[1]

He lived at 8[2] The Grove, Highgate, London, in a house which was still standing in 1922 — divided into flats, of which Robert Donat owned one.[1]

He attended Clifton College near Bristol and later travelled to the US and India (where his brother was in the Army).[1]

Bought Strelly in Busselton in 1903 (from Mr. Mills).[3] In 1904 he set half a dozen Kookaburras free there.[4] It had been called Strelly since before 1899.[5]

Known as 'Bups' to his grandchildren.

He died in 1938[1] aged 85 and is buried at Karrakatta Cemetery.[8]

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From The South-Western News, 4 March 1938:[9]



Mr. Thomas Lodge, late of "Strelly," Busselton, who died on Thursday of last week in his 86th year at his residence in Cottesloe, was long prominently identified with the farming industry of the State. Mr. Lodge was born at Highgate, London, in 1852, and was educated at Clifton College, Gloucestershire, England. He came to Western Australia in 1878 in a sailing ship, the voyage occupying four months. From 1878 to 1886 he was settled at Geraldton. with interests in the North-West. In 1881 he took a shipment of horses to India for the late Mr. Maitland Brown. In 1886 he married the fourth daughter of the late Mr. George Walpole Leake, Q.C., thereafter engaging in farming and stock raising pursuits at Grass Valley, York, Beverley and Busselton. He was recognised as an expert judge of draft horses and of British breeds of sheep. Mr. Lodge was keenly interested in all forms of outdoor sports, especially in cricket and in association with Mr. R. E. Bush was instrumental in organising several northern cricket teams which visited Perth in the eighties. Of the scout movement he was an enthusiastic supporter and was probably longer associated with it than anyone else in the State. Mr. Lodge leaves a widow, three children (Mrs. Aubrey Hall, of Carnarvon, Mrs. Norman Martin, of Cottesloe, and Mr. Jack Lodge, of Capel), and eleven grandchildren.

The funeral took place on Friday morning in the Church of England portion of the Karrakatta cemetery in the presence of a large gathering of friends. The Her. C. W. Ker, rector of St. Alban's Church,' Highgate Hiil, conducted a short service at the residence and officiated at the graveside, assisted by the Rev. C. 11. Holland, rector of St. Philip's Church, Cottesloe. In officiating at the graveside Mr. Ker paid a high tribute to the personality of the deceased, referring to the exemplary life which he had led. The chief mourners were:—Messrs. R. J. Lodge (son), Norman Martin (son-in-law), Frank Lodge, H. F. and A. C. Lodge (cousins). The pall-bearers were Messrs. P. G. S. Hope and D. C. Phillips (174 Rover Scout Crew), C. Lee Steere, H. M. Fisher, A. E. Davis, and Tom Morris.

Among those present were the Minister for Agriculture (Mr. F. J. S. Wise), Messrs. E. H. Angelo and W. J. Mann, M's. L. C., the Ven. Archdeacon Parry, the State secretary of the Boy Scouts' Association (Mr. F. W. Harffey), Messrs. Herbert Parry, L. L. Leake, Edward Lee Steere, E. C. Clifton, Fred Woods, L. St. J. Jones, G. A. Crombie, Robert Bartley, R. P. Roberts, H. C. Castilla, F. Ackland, L. R. Davis, Tom Carter, A. J. Scandrett, J. L. S. Price, W. G. Smith, C. C. Priestley, E. Hughes (23rd Rover Scout Crew), B. H. Darbyshire, H. A. Craven and James Thompson; Mesdames E. H. Pearce and E. Yelverton; Misses M. C. Lodge and Ethel Yelverton.

Tom and Connie Lodge grave 2018-03-30, cropped.JPG



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