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The process of adding material here generally falls into two parts: first, the cataloguing and digitization of archival source materials; and second, the use of these materials to build up biographies and place histories.

Archive items

The first part is illustrated by an example focusing on a letter from Aubrey Hall to his daughter Margaret:

  1. The letter is removed from its envelope and flattened carefully.
  2. A unique identifier is chosen, in this case Letter from Aubrey Hall to Margaret Hall, 1935-12-25.
  3. All parts are scanned to 600 pdi 16 bit colour PNG files, named with the above identifier.
  4. A page is created (via the 'Create content' section on the Main Page) titled with the identifier.
  5. All files are uploaded and added as a gallery to that page.
  6. The item's metadata is entered, mostly focusing on metadata that can only be determined while in possession of the original material (to save time, because metadata that can be determined from the scanned representations can be added later).
  7. The physical parts of the letter are placed into clear polypropylene (Albox brand) sleeves, and added to currently open folder'folder' is not a defined term.. For this letter, that's H.M. Wilson Archives/Folder 1.
  8. The identifier of this folder is added to the item's metadata. This is the crucial link between the item's page here on ArchivesWiki and the actual storage location of the physical original.
  9. The letter is transcribed, and any person or place names are linked to their own pages. Illegible text is marked as such, and scans of individual pages are placed next to their respective transcriptions.


The second major part of content here is the biographies. These each focus on a single person, and link to their relations and any items that concern them.

Page names

  • Generational suffixes: Jnr (preferred) and Snr if only two people and they're directly related
  • Or any parenthetic information, with only enough to make it unique, e.g. Jemmima Bowler (1873-) or John Whithers (teacher).
  • ItemItem (definition: An item is any single physical or digital piece of an archive. Each item gets its own page, and may form part of a parent item.)



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