Letter from Aubrey Hall to Margaret Hall, 1935-12-25

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Title: Letter from Aubrey Hall to Margaret Hall, 1935-12-25
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Authors: Harold Aubrey Hall
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Related people: Harold Aubrey Hall · Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall) · Norman Watson
Related places: Yaringa South Cottesloe Carnarvon
Description: Letter written from Aubrey (in Carnarvon) to his daughter Margaret (aged 20) on Christmas Day 1935, when she was staying with her grandparents in Cottesloe.


Miss Margaret Hall
c/o T.S. Lodge Esq
130 Broome Street

Postmark: CARNARVON W.A. 27 DE 35

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Yaringa South

Christmas Day /35

My dear Margaret,

Festivities in full swing here. I came in yesterday evening, had been out for ten days.

Seventeen here for dinner, Yaringas, Woodleighs, and Hamelin Pools, also Johns[?] , Val and their mother.

Hope you are having a decent time, probably hotter in Perth than in Carnarvon.

Very hot here in the back paddocks, cannot shift sheep in the afternoon [illegible]  when they keep getting under the shade.

Don't rush about too much, change and rest is what you need, not rush and excitement. Hope you will see Aunt Joy, Lou, Edith and Mrs Gillam.

Have you seen or heard of Norman Watson or seen anything of Hedly?

I do hope and pray Gag is home and making good

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recover from this last carbuncle & that the prompt medical and surgical treatment in this case will end the scurge. Mother sent me a parcel of head Bays[?]  and I wired her for, per Mrs Lammond & I was hoping for news of Gag, but she did not write, so I only know up to when Gag had just gone to the hospital with Mr Scott.

I shall be glad if there is no worry[?]  for a while after I finish here, have now had thirteen weeks continuous shearing [illegible] . Had two smacks in my left eye from scrub, my horses[?]  just about turn off me in the scrub & my horse came down with [illegible]  [illegible] . It is [illegible]  that Carnamagh[?] , [illegible] , [illegible] , in all 15 flatinis[?]  are putting up £500 each, trying. [illegible]  [illegible]  opening [illegible]  transport it will be a hard thing for your father[?] .

With love and fond wishes and hoping for your safe return. Your affectionate