Help:Scanning procedure

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  1. Scan all parts of the item.
    • Photos at 900 dpi 16 bit TIFF.
    • Documents at 600 dpi 16 bit TIFF. Don't "combine into single document".
    • Both sides of all pages.
    • Crop to ~5 mm larger than the page, and drag the scanning area (dotted lines) to get rid of empty space. If the lines can't be moved, select 'use custom size'.
    • Optionally create a 'display' version that's cropped/rotated/edited for optimal display; this can be done later so isn't a priority.
  2. Create a new page for the item on ArchivesWiki by entering a name for it in the box below and clicking 'New item'. For example, 1879-12-09 Letter from William Stroud (no file extension is needed).
  3. Use the same name for the scanned files, including a comment and file extension, e.g.:
    • 1879-12-09 Letter from William Stroud, p1.tif
    • 1879-12-09 Letter from William Stroud, p2.tif
    • 1879-12-09 Letter from William Stroud, evelope.tif
    • 1879-12-09 Letter from William Stroud, display.jpg
  4. Click the upload icon Upload icon in the toolbar, and select all of this item's files.
  5. They will all be shown listed in the area below the toolbar, with a button underneath that says "Upload all files" (or "Upload this file" if you only have one). Click this upload button, and the upload will begin. Progress will be shown at the right side of each file.
  6. While it's uploading, edit the storage_location field in the page.
  7. To insert the files into the page, position the text cursor at the bottom of the page edit box, and click the "Insert all as gallery" button.
  8. This will insert a gallery of the files in the page text area. Save the page, and confirm that all files are shown.

Other metadata (dates, people, places, description, etc.) can also be added, but if time is short then the important thing is just the page title and getting the scans uploaded and linked into the page.