Descent of Thomas Henry Barker from the Plantagenets

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Title: Descent of Thomas Henry Barker from the Plantagenets
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Author: Thomas Henry Barker
Format and extent: Handwritten manuscript Six pages
License: Public Domain Mark This work is free of known copyright restrictions.
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Descent-of-thomas-henry-barker-from-the-plantagenets-page-6 35929314882 o.png 14 Henry Strangeways. [illegible] man of Sneaton, born 1621(?) married Mar 31st 1660 at Kirby Misperton buried in Chancel of Sneaton Church, Mar 27 1681. Henry & Margaret had 11 children, viz. 6 sons & 5 daughters. Jane, born 1659 at Sneaton married Simon Meade, & had 4 sons, the eldest Strangeways Meade. Henry served under Lord Dartmouth at Taug[illegible] , was captured by the Moors & ransomed 1682. See North Riding Records. = Margaret Mitford. Second daughter of Rev Wm Mitford of Clare Hall, Cambridge (see Mitford of Mitford) (History of Northumberland) Rector of Kirby Misperton, Yorks. by Jane Banks of Settrington. The Mitfords were [illegible]  to their [illegible]  & amongst Margaret's cousins were Sir Hugh Smithson, 1st Duke of Northumberland, 1767, & Lord Roderdale[illegible]  & cte. (see Peerage) Margaret died 1710, Will [illegible]  her eldest grandson Strangeways Mead, [illegible]  [illegible] .
15 Jane Strangeways 4th daughter of Henry & Margaret Strangeways born at Sneaton 1659 buried Decr 27th 1732.

The Strangeways were much comedied with the Boyntons, who in turn were allied with Maurice Berkley & Isabel Meade. A Boynton married a daughter of Maurice & Isabel. The Meades appeared in Yorks in 15th Century, as [illegible] 

= Simon Meade Probably son of William Meade of [illegible] , who [illegible] . Probably from Meades of Meads' Place, Somerset, The Meades were of [illegible]  In Church of St Mary Redcliffe is large [illegible]  Tomb of Sir Thomas Meade, Bailiff 1439, Sheriff 1463, died 1475 also of Philip Meade, twice Mayor of Bristol. The daughter of Philip Meade, Isabel, married Maurice [illegible]  of Berkley, brother to William Marquis of B. who married Joane Strangeways.
Descent-of-thomas-henry-barker-from-the-plantagenets-page-7 35929315362 o.png 16 Strangeways Meade eldest son of Simon Meade & Jane Strangeways born 1690, buried Dec 3d 1770, in grave at door of Sneaton Church, where he was church-warden & one of the principal inhabit[illegible] , Signature office [illegible]  in Church Registers. They had 4 daughters, viz. 1 & 2 Elizabeth & Jane (twins) bap. Nov 31st 1719. (3) Hannah bap. Dec 27 1723 (4) Margaret, bap. May 10th 1780, died 1743. also 3 sons viz (1) Henry, bap. Oct 1st 1721 (2) Francis, bap. July 11th 1725. died Decr 9th 1726 (3) a second Francis, buried Oct 7 1791. = Frances Blackborne daughter of James Blackburne of Sneaton, baptised 1st Jany 1689, buried [illegible]  26th 1761 came of old Yorkshire family Nicholas Blackburn [illegible]  Lord Mayor of York 1413 1429 buried 1432 in York Minster one of the wealthiest & most munificant of the York clergymen. [illegible]  July 22d 1491 for James Blackburne & Lucy Brooke to marry, twice [illegible]  in 4th degree. [illegible]  Julian, Cardinal Bishop of Ostia. Of same family Lancelot Blackborne Archbishop of York 1729 Also Francis Blackbourne 1750 to 1787 also Blackburnes of Hale, same family.
Descent-of-thomas-henry-barker-from-the-plantagenets-page-8 35929316452 o.png 17 Francis Meade youngest son of Strangeways Mead & Frances Blackborne born 1731, married 27 Jany 1768, by license from [illegible]  of York, at Sneaton Church. Died Act 15th, 1791 aged 30 years buried near his parents at Sneaton, they had 3 sons, viz. (1) Strangeways bap. 9am 31st 1769, died Decr 16 1777. (2) Francis, bap. Nov 24, 1770, married Elizabeth d of Matthew Smith of North Sneaton (she died 1811 aged 33) Francis died in London, Decr 3d, 1817 aged 46, buried at Limehouse (3) a second Strangeways, bap. Jan 22 1780, married Eliz Appleyard of Scarborough, he died in London 22n Apl 1844 burried at Poplar. Daughters Francis & Isabella Mead. (1) Elizaeth, bap. Jany 20th 1773, married M. Mazelwood of Whitby, Apl 22 1802, & died 2n Sept 1836 at Whitby. (2) Frances bap. July 15 1775, died Jany 18 1819 (3) Izabella, bap. Decr 16th 1777 married John Fieldhouse, Hull, died Feby 27, 1851. = Elizabeth Dobson. Daughter of Truefit & Isabel Dobson of Fylingdales, born at Fyling 1743, died at Ruswarp [illegible]  13th, 1818 buried at Sneaton with her husband.
Descent-of-thomas-henry-barker-from-the-plantagenets-page-9 35929317142 o.png 18 Elizabeth Meade eldest daughter of Francis Meade, born 1773 married [illegible]  22d 1802 at Whitby, died 2d Sept. 1836 at Whitby. They had 17 children, of whom only 4 reached maturity, & only 1 left issue, viz. = M. Hazelwood of Ruswarp and Whitby born at Ruswarp, March 1777 died at Whitby 14th Feby. 1868 burried at Sneaton. He was of old Yorkshire parentage, probably of the family of Hazlewood (Danes) superceded by the Vavasours.
19 Elizabeth Hazelwood born at Whitby, 3rd [illegible]  1807, married 2 Feby 1836 in Liverpool burried in Enfield Cemetery. They had 3 sons, viz. (1) Charles Frederick (2) Thomas Henry, & (3) Joseph Bolton & 1 daughter viz. Elizabeth died a babe. = Charles Frederick Barker born at Copenhagen, 5 [illegible]  1800, died 14th July 1853, burried at sea, off St Simon's Bay, Cape of Good Hope. Son of a Danish officer (Royal Armourer, Copenhagen) Officer in charge of Royal Armoury, Copenhagen. He was called after Chas Fred Prince of Hesse, brother of the then Queen of Denmark, & Commander in cheif of Danish Forces.
Descent-of-thomas-henry-barker-from-the-plantagenets-page-10 35929317952 o.png 20 Thomas Henry Barker second son of Charles Frederick & Elizabeth Barker born 18th May, 1841, at 15 Earle St, Liverpool, married on 25th Aug 1875 at St Margarets Enfield, Liverpool.—

1. James Denton Barker

2. Charles Frederick Strangeways

3. Revd Thomas Percy Conyers, B.A. married

4. Francis Darcy Meade -do-

5. William Danby Holt -do-

6. Jonathan Tong, PhD.

7. Henry Bertram Mitford

= Mary Ellen Barker (née Moulsdale) born 4th April 1845 at Liverpool, eldest daughter of John Moulsdale and Maria Jackson, & adopted daughter of James Denton, Quarry Bank, Enfield, Liverpool.