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The C.F. Barker Archives encompass everything we know about the ancestors of Ralph and Nyria Denton-Barker, and the descendants of their grandparents (Catherine & John, Mary & Tom, Mary & West, and Maria & Harry).


The ancestors of Ralph and Nyria Denton-Barker, and the descendants of their grandparents.

Joan Nyria Denton-Barker (née Hancox)Marian Gilmour Hancox (née Croskery)Richard James HancoxJeffrey PowellRalph Munday Denton-BarkerJames Denton BarkerKathleen Barker (née Munday)Mary Croskery (née Gilmour)Samuel Maxwell West CroskeryBoyd GilmourJean Gilmour (née Dunsmore)Jeanie Elenora Dunsmuir MacConnal (née Croskery)Charlotte Wallace BrownHugh CroskeryClara Croskery (née Nicol)Joseph GilmourAndrew M. NicolAlbert James CroskeryAlexander Brown CroskeryAlexander BrowneHarry HancoxMaria Mary Hancox (née Merrett)Eric Geoffrey West HancoxFrank Heeley HancoxHarry Merrett HancoxCharles Edward HancoxElizabeth Merrett (née Coppin)James MerrettMary Ellen Barker (née Moulsdale)Thomas Henry BarkerVirginia Kathleen Denton Grebenik (née Barker)Bertram Mead Denton BarkerCatherine Munday (née Aldridge)John Hill MundayJames DentonJohn MoulsdaleMaria JacksonCharles Frederick Strangeways BarkerThomas Percy Conyers BarkerFrancis Darcy Meade BarkerWilliam Danby Holt BarkerHenry Bertram Mitford BarkerCharles Frederick BarkerElizabeth Barker (née Hezelwood or Hazelwood)Jonathan Tong BarkerCharles Frederick Barker Jr.Elizabeth BarkerJoseph Bolton BarkerElizabeth Hazelwood (née Meade)M. HazelwoodElizabeth Meade (née Dobson)Francis MeadeIsabel DobsonTruefit DobsonFrances Meade (née Blackborne)Strangeways MeadeJane Meade (née Strangeways)Simon MeadeHenry StrangewaysMargaret Strangeways (née Mitford)Mary Ann ChymistNapoleon AldridgeRalph MundayNora Katie Westbrook (née Munday)Mary Munday (née Hill)William MundayMary Elizabeth WallisSamuel ChymistAlfred Frank Aldridge (1846-)Alice Judith AldridgeEdward Henry AldridgeLeah NorthGeorge HillHannah Hill (née Dando)Sarah Adeline MundayJames William MundayGeorge Hill MundayWalter Edward MundayNelson MundayJames Munday SnrJemima Munday (née Brown)Mary Munday (2)Thomas MundayKate MundayElizabeth MundayWilliam Munday (2)Mary Giles (née Munday)Priscilla Small (née Munday)Norman Merrett HancoxAlice Margaret Hancox (née Renner)Desiree Constance GriffithsJohn Philip Dale HancoxDesiree Constance Hancox (née Griffiths)Connal MacConalEugene GrebenikLea Helene (née Lopatizkaya)Schulim GrebenikGladys Bythell BarkerThis is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.


BMD Certificates

Type Date People Cert.
Birth 1841-05-18 Thomas Henry Barker Birth certificate of Thomas Henry Barker.png
Birth 1844-07-06 John Hill Munday Birth certificate of John Hill Munday.png
Death 1875-02-28 Alice Rose Munday (née Cook) Death certificate of Alice Rose Munday.png
Marriage 1880-04-08 John Hill Munday & Catherine Munday (née Aldridge) Marriage certificate of John Hill Munday and Catherine Alderidge.png Marriage-certificate-of-john-hill-munday-and-catherine-aldridge 35929273922 o.png
Death 1880-04-23 John Hill Death-certificate-of-john-hill-died-23-april-1880-at-paulton-house-aged-82.png
Death 1882-05-13 Joseph Hill Death-certificate-of-joseph-hill-13-may-1882-aged-76-in-clutton-somerset.png
Birth 1882-12-05 Kathleen Barker (née Munday) Birth certificate of Kathleen Munday.png
Death 1917-04-09 Thomas Henry Barker Death certificate of Thomas Henry Barker.png
Death 1918-01-15 John Hill Munday Death certificate of John Hill Munday.png
Birth Charles Edward Hancox Birth-certificate-of-charles-edward-hancox 35259214214 o.png
Birth Frank Heeley Hancox Birth-certificate-of-frank-heeley-hancox 35259223034 o.png
Birth Harry Merrett Hancox Birth-certificate-ofharry-merrett-hancox 35929272352 o.png
Birth James Denton Barker Birth-certificate-of-james-denton-barker 35259219154 o.png
Birth Joan Nyria Denton-Barker (née Hancox) Birth-certificate-of-joan-nyria-denton-barker 35259220084 o.jpg
Birth Ralph Munday Denton-Barker Birth-certificate-of-ralph-munday-denton-barker 35259221794 o.png
Birth Richard James Hancox Birth-certificate-of-richard-james-hancox 35929273062 o.png
Marriage Ralph Munday Denton-Barker & Joan Nyria Denton-Barker (née Hancox) Certificate-of-marriage-of-ralph-munday-denton-barker-and-joan-nyria-hancox 35259211334 o.jpg
Death 1908-10-22 Maria Mary Hancox (née Merrett) Death-certificate-of-maria-mary-hancox 35259215584 o.png
Marriage Connal MacConnal & Jeanie Elenora Dunsmuir Croskery Marriage-certificate-of-connal-macconnal-and-jeanie-elenora-dunsmuir-croskery 35929276882 o.jpg
Marriage Harry Hancox & Maria Mary Hancox (née Merrett) Marriage-certificate-of-harry-hancox-and-marie-mary-merrett 35929275832 o.png
Marriage James Denton Barker & Kathleen Barker (née Munday) Marriage-certificate-of-james-denton-barker-and-kathleen-munday 35929278952 o.png
Marriage Richard James Hancox & Marian Gilmour Hancox (née Croskery) Marriage-certificate-of-richard-james-hancox-and-marian-gilmour-croskery 35929277942 o.png
Marriage Thomas Henry Barker & Mary Ellen Barker (née Moulsdale) Marriage-certificate-of-thomas-henry-barker-and-mary-ellen-moulsdale 35929274892 o.png
Birth 1881-09-17 Kathleen Munday (born 1881, Southhampton) Wrong-birth-certificate-of-kathleen-munday 35259217974 o.png
Birth 1879-12-08 Marian Gilmour Hancox (née Croskery) Birth certificate of Marian Gilmour Croskery.jpg


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  2. C.F. Barker folder 2
  3. C.F. Barker folder 3

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Index to all pages:

  1. Letter from T.H. Barker to his wife Mary, 17 December 1903
  2. Portrait of Thomas Henry Barker, 1906
  3. Letter from John Hill Munday to Thomas Galliard Cook aft.1875
  4. John Hill Munday's notebook
  5. Thomas Munday
  6. James Munday Snr
  7. C.F. Barker box 1
  8. C.F. Barker folder 4
  9. Letter from Ralph Munday to his sister, 17 November 1915
  10. Henry Strangeways
  11. Jane Meade (née Strangeways)
  12. Simon Meade
  13. Strangeways Meade
  14. Elizabeth Barker
  15. Henry Bertram Mitford Barker
  16. William Danby Holt Barker
  17. Francis Darcy Meade Barker
  18. Thomas Percy Conyers Barker
  19. James Denton Barker
  20. Charles Frederick Strangeways Barker
  21. Elizabeth Meade (née Dobson)
  22. Francis Meade
  23. M. Hazelwood
  24. Elizabeth Hazelwood (née Meade)
  25. Boyd Gilmour
  26. Julia Leat
  27. Vera Munday (née Maunder)
  28. Collection of letters from T.H. Barker to his wife Mary
  29. TPCB and family
  30. Ralph Munday in uniform
  31. Ralph Munday received 27 May 1924
  32. Catherine Aldridge portrait
  33. William Munday
  34. Mary Munday (née Hill)
  35. John Philip Dale Hancox
  36. Mary Croskery (née Gilmour)
  37. Norman Merrett Hancox
  38. Death certificate for Ralph Denton-Barker
  39. Eric Geoffrey Fred and Nyria 1925
  40. Incomplete letter to Mrs Barker 1882
  41. Unknown memorial card
  42. James Denton Barker and Kathleen Munday menu
  43. Note accompanying a nonextant picture of Thomas Ames Hill
  44. Letter from Henry Cook to John Hill Munday 11 June 1876
  45. Letter from Henry Cook to William Munday 30 November 1875
  46. Possibly Mary Gilmour, Antwerp stuio portrait
  47. Charles Edward Hancox
  48. Harry Hancox
  49. Harry Merrett Hancox
  50. Maria Mary Hancox (née Merrett)
  51. Nyria, 1920
  52. Marian and Richard Hancox
  53. Samuel Croskery and children
  54. Marian Croskery, 28 August 1905
  55. Marian Croskery and three others on a ship c.1902
  56. Marion Croskery, 1905
  57. Marian, Nyria, and Geoffrey, 1926
  58. Geoff Hancox and a friend in Arizona
  59. Family of sailors (2)
  60. Letter from Charles F. Fearon Barker to TH Barker, 28 March 1900
  61. Birth certificate of Thomas Henry Barker
  62. Letter to Anna, 14 April 1862
  63. Moses Hezelwood
  64. Family of sailors
  65. Bertram Mead Denton Barker
  66. Mary Elizabeth Wallis
  67. Samuel Chymist
  68. Mary Ann Chymist
  69. Napoleon Aldridge
  70. Kathleen Barker (née Munday)
  71. Virginia Kathleen Denton Grebenik (née Barker)
  72. Virginia Grebenik obituary
  73. Eugene Grebenik, early 1960s, Bassano studio portrait
  74. Eugene Grebenik
  75. Grebby with Sam and Thomas, December 1982
  76. Catherine Munday (née Aldridge)
  77. Samuel Maxwell West Croskery in Yokohama, 1905
  78. Bertram and Ralph Barker, 1918
  79. Insurance company staff photo
  80. JH Munday obituary by Frederick J Gould, 19 January 1918
  81. Beechcroft postcard
  82. Anna Maria Fry
  83. Anna Maria Fry memorial card
  84. Eric Hancox
  85. Eric Geoffrey West Hancox
  86. Eric Hancox in 1905
  87. James Denton
  88. James Denton portrait
  89. Sarah Adeline Munday studio photograph
  90. Descent of Thomas Henry Barker from the Plantagenets
  91. Jonathan Tong Barker
  92. Mary Munday (née Hill) with 3 or her 10 children
  93. Pedigree of Hill of Paulton
  94. Mary Ellen Barker (née Moulsdale)
  95. Thomas Henry Barker
  96. Letter to Mrs. Munday, 22 March 1876
  97. Agnes Dunsmore
  98. Elizabeth Barker (née Hezelwood or Hazelwood)
  99. Ralph Munday Denton-Barker
  100. Charles Frederick Barker
  101. Joan Nyria Denton-Barker (née Hancox)
  102. Richard James Hancox
  103. Frank Heeley Hancox
  104. File:Thankyou card from Catherine Munday's children after her death.png
  105. Ralph (back left) just before the war
  106. Ralph Denton-Barker, 1940
  107. The Morning Call (San Francisco) 1895-02-23 p1 (Croskery article)
  108. Nora Katie Westbrook (née Munday)
  109. Marian Gilmour Hancox (née Croskery)
  110. Marian Croskery with cat, 1912
  111. Marian and Nyria with Lena, c.1935
  112. Richard Henry Merrett
  113. John Frederick Barker
  114. Richard Hancox's 1933 passport photo
  115. Letter from Fanny Cook to Catherine Munday, 3 November 1875
  116. Alice Rose Munday (née Cook)
  117. Joseph Gilmour
  118. C.F. Barker folder 1
  119. Charles Frederick Barker, Jr.
  120. Scans from Peter
  121. C.F. Barker folder 2
  122. File:Letter from Ralph Munday to his sister, 17 November 1915, p2.png
  123. C.F. Barker folder 3
  124. File:George Hill (died 5 December 1832 aged 60) grave inscription.png
  125. File:Notes about George Hill Munday and siblings.png
  126. John Hill Munday
  127. Alice Judith Aldridge
  128. Alice Lily Abram
  129. Alfred Frank Aldridge (1846-)
  130. Alexander Gilmour
  131. Alfred Frank Aldridge (1866-)
  132. Alexander Dunsmuir
  133. Alexander Brown Croskery
  134. C.F. Barker Archives/Migrating from WeRelate
  135. Alexander Wellington Croskery
  136. Albert James Croskery
  137. Samuel Maxwell West Croskery
  138. Alexander Browne
  139. Hugh Croskery
  140. C.F. Barker Archives
  141. Template:Cfb
  142. Hill House
  143. Sarah Adeline Munday


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Marriage Jun 1869 Barker	Charles Frederick 	West Derby 	8b	504
Marriage Jun 1869 FEARON 	Isabella 	 	W. Derby 	8b 	504


Deaths Sep 1884:
Surname   	Given Name   	Age   	District   	Volume   	Page   	  
Merrett 	Elizabeth. 	72 	Stroud 		6a 		189