Death certificate of Clara Croskery

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Title: Death certificate of Clara Croskery
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Related people: Clara Croskery (née Nicol) · Samuel Maxwell West Croskery · Richard James Hancox
Related places: Wirral Bebington 9 Easton Road 8 Horburn Road
Description: Index entry: 1922 Dec WIRRAL v.8A p.451.

Registration District WIRRAL

1922. DEATHS in the Sub-District of BEBINGTON in the County of CHESTER.

No. 374

When and Where Died: Seventeenth October 1922 9 Easton Road Bebington-cum-Bromborough UP

Name and Surname: Clara Croskery

Sex: Female

Age: 73 years

Rank or Profession: Wife of Samuel Maxwell West Croskery, Retired Master Mariner

Cause of Death: 1 Epithalioma of vulva, 2 Epithalioma of glands. Asthenia MPH[?]  Certified by N. Cains MD.

Signature, Description, and Residence of Informant: R. J. Hancox Son in law 8 Horburn Road Bebington-cum-Bromborough

When registered: Seventeenth October 1922