Death certificate for Ralph Denton-Barker

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Civil registration
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Title: Death certificate for Ralph Denton-Barker
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License: Cc-by-sa.png Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Related people: Ralph Munday Denton-Barker
Related places: Upper Scamander Tasmania
Description: Record of death, registration number 3698/1990 (formerly recorded as D C 1240 1990 M), registered .

1. Surname of deceased: DENTON-BARKER

2. Christian or other names: Ralph Munday

3. Date of death: 04 NOVEMBER 1990

4. Place of death: UPPER SCAMANDER

5. Occupation: Retired Teacher

6. Stated year of birth: 1917

7. Sex: MALE

8. Usual place of residence: "Riverside Cottage", UPPER SCAMANDER

9. Reputed birthplace: BIRKENHEAD, ENGLAND

10. Conjugal condition at death: MARRIED

11. If ever married - Name and surname of last spouse: Joan Nyria DENTON-BARKER

12. Issue - of all marriages: Living males, 1; Living females, 1

13. Age at each marriage: