Letter to Anna, 14 April 1862

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Title: Letter to Anna, 14 April 1862
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Description: A letter from Anna, from J.H. Munday

In haste. Uncle has called me away 3 or 4 times since I began.

Cheddar, April 14th 1862

My dearest Anna,

I am sorry to be the bearer of very melancholy & sad intelligence. Poor George is no more! The Jamaica Mail brought the sad intelligence this morning. Uncle received a letter from Mr Kitchener this morning stating that poor George was our riding on the 9th Mar. last with Walter Thom, & another young man. It was rather late & they were riding a hard canter but not galloping, when as they were turning a corner, Geo.'s horse stepped on a flat stone & slipped down, George falling with him. Mr. Thorn instantly got off & lifted him up & saw blood coming from his nose & mouth & laid his head on this knee & sent the other young man for some water & put a handkerchief to his nose to catch the blood. The young manoon came back & said he could not get any water , the handkerchief was then completely saturated with blood. He then sent him to another house where he successded in obtaining some & brought several people to their assistance. They then sent for the Dr who came as quickly as possible immediately, & pronounced the case to be fatal.

The poor fellow never spoke after it happened & was quite senseless. You may imagine how shocked & grieved we all are. It has quite upset us.

How little did I think when spending such a happy day with you yesterday that I should be plunged into such sorrow today, but we must try to bear it & hope to meet him again where we shall never part. I sincerely hope that he was prepared to die. It was just 3 weeks after Wm Pearson's funeral. His propsects were just brightening & everything seemed prosperous & well with him but God saw best to take him & we must not [illegible] . I expect mother heard the sad news from Walter [illegible]  Parsson this morning & you will no doubt hear from him. I have told you all the particulars I know.

Aunt Maria sends her love to you & to say that she has heard from Mrs. Simmons about your going there at easter & thinks that you had better accept it as change will do you good.

I got home all right last night within a minute of my time.

[illegible]  Fry & [illegible]  desire their kind love & accept the same. From your [illegible]  affecate brother

J.H. Munday