Incomplete letter to Mrs Barker 1882

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Title: Incomplete letter to Mrs Barker 1882
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On an envelope addressed to Mrs Barker, 2 Ryden Villas, Rossiter Rd, Balham.


My dear children Charles Tom and Joe I have for a long time thought of putting down on paper my wishes with regard to the few things I posess (sic) . There is not much of value only for the sake of them having belonged to your dear Father and Mother. I cannot make an equal distribution as Joe’s house has so long my home that I consider he ought to have [illegible]  in the first place. I should (line through) wish him to have the things in my bedroom, that is bedstead bed bedding drawers washstand dressing table chairs & carpet and glass - there are a few things of your dear Fathers bringing I should like you each to have one of the two large vases china dish and stand and the bamboo ornaments and small vases – beside many little things. I cannot name my books I wish Charles to have Fletchers family devotion Tom Pilgrims progress Joe Sundays at home and

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divide according to your own judgement Tom gave me many of them and can choose for himself the one over the dining room mantle piece is the only one of value. Tom can have his oil paintings if he [illegible]  Mr Birkett’s oil paintings xxxxxxx Tom always thought he had a right to them these things i must leave to your own judgment as(?) with regard to bed linen what I have is nearly worn if you would like to divide it My clothes whatever would be useful to my sister if she survives me I wish her to have The rest divide as you like and let it all be done peaceably my only the brooches the larger with your dear Father’s hair. I wish Charles to have for Barbara the amythest. And the little pe[illegible]  that was Mrs [illegible]  Tom to have for Mary, and a small black one Joe for Millie My old watch for Ida and the little seal and key for Hilda my chain I should like cut in two and half for Harry and half for Jimmie when old enough they could dispose of it to go toward buying........"