Alice Rose Munday (née Cook)

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Alice Rose Munday (née Cook)
(1853 – 28 February 1875)
Alice Munday, c. 1870s, Melbourne (cropped).png
c. 1870s, Melbourne
Birth: 1853
Death: 28 February 1875, Busselton, Western Australia, Australia
Parents: Henry Cook
Fanny Cook
Siblings: Alice Rose Munday (née Cook) (1853 – 28 February 1875)
Thomas Galliard Cook (? – ?)
Partners: James William Munday (15 March 1838 – 11 November 1875)

Married James on 27 August 1872 at St Mary's in Hotham, Victoria.[1]

Munday-Cook: On the 27th inst. at St Mary's church, Hotham with full choir service, by the Rev. B. Potter, James William, master mariner, eldest son of Mr William Munday, late of Warminster, Wilts., England to Alice Rose, only daughter of Mr Henry Cook of Campbellfield, Victoria.

Died in Quindalup on 28 February 1875[2] and burried in the Busselton cemetery (now the Pioneer Cemetery).[3]

File:Munday and Cook grave, Melbourne CofE section FF.png
Munday and Cook grave, Melbourne CofE section FF


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