Vera Munday (née Maunder)

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Vera Munday (née Maunder)
(? – ?)
Birth: ?
Death: ?
Partners: Ralph Munday
    26 November 1885 – 1962
Children: Julia Leat
    ? – ?
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The Daily News, March 1944:[1]

Mrs. Munday Gives Evidence

Dutch authorities had not taken any interest in two Dutch, children in her care over past two years, said Mrs. R. Munday in Children's Court today.

When the authorities asked her to send the children to a boarding school, it was the first occasion on which they had endeavoured to supervise them, she said.

Hearing was resumed today of application for guardianship of two Dutch children by the Dutch authorities.

Present custodians, Mr and Mrs R. Munday, of 18 John Street, Cottesloe, are making a counter-claim.

Twelve-year-old girl and her nine year-old brother have lived with the Mundays since their mother left for Java more than two years ago.

The father is dead and the mother has not been heard of since the fall of Singapore.

Allegations of cruel treatment of the children are denied by the Mundays.

The witness who had testified that she (Mrs, Munday) had, thrashed the little boy with a heavy sash cord was a liar, said Mrs Munday.

Children she saw "racing around the street" were not the sort for the children to mix with, she said.

She considered that "riff-raff" played in the street.


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