P5 of list of donations to the WA Museum, 1971

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Title: P5 of list of donations to the WA Museum, 1971
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Storage location: Congdon shelf 13, box 2 (sort key: file 5)
Date: 1971
Author: Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)
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License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Related people: Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) Harold Aubrey Hall Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall)
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Keywords: museums; donations; Western Australian Museum
Description: Page five of notes of items donated to the Western Australian Museum in 1971 (all are probably meant to be part of the H. Aubrey Hall Collection but not all are catalogued as so).

Other pages may be extant.[TODO]


W. A. Museum.

8/2/1971 CH 982 Two wooden toys: (a) a quangle-wangle; and (b) small wooden acrobat. On the base of the quangle-wangle is written "For Aubrey to play with a quangle-wangle." The writing is that of Mrs T. S. Lodge (nee Leake). Mrs Lodge was Helen Rose Hall's mother. [This was a joke-present to her son-in-law, HMW.]

CH 983 Silk corset cover. Belonged to Mrs Norman Martin (nee Lodge).

CH 984 Button hook, pented[?]  steel. Probably late 19th century. Believed to be Sarah Theodosia Hall's. [Note: this cannot be correct as S. T. Hall died in 1858 HMW.]

CH 985 Photograph, framed. Wedding photo of Mr H. Aubrey Hall (nee Helen Rose Lodge). 1910.

CH 986 (a) Collar from wedding dress shown in photograph CH 985. (b) Handkerchief, lace-edged. Wedding handkerchief of Mrs H. Aubrey Hall. [I understand that the lace was hand made HMW.]

CH 987. Crumb tray, papier-mache. Black with three white flowers and blue-headed bird.

CH 988. (a) Black ostrich feather and tortoise shell fan. (b) Grey ostrich feather and tortoise shell fan. (c) White ostrich feather and tortoise shell fan. These three fans are dated about 1905 and belonged to Mrs Helen Rose Hall (nee lodge).

CH 989. Doll, composition body China head. c1890 In need of repair. Belonged to Helen Rose Lodge.

CH 990 Doll. China. c1890 In need of repair. Belon[sic]