Aileen Marion Gertrude Croskery

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Aileen Marion Gertrude Croskery
(1905-12-26 – 1 September 1960-09-01)
Birth: , Wellington, New Zealand
Death: , Wellington
Parents: Alexander Wellington Croskery
    19 December 1878 – 18 August 1952
Emily Harriet Clark
Siblings: Aileen Marion Gertrude Croskery
    1905-12-26 – 1 September 1960-09-01
Partners: Robert Neill Cochrane
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Aileen suffered from Tuberculosis for most of her adult life. Because of medical issues she was unable to have children.

She married Bob Cochrane on 21 April 1930 in Wellington. In 1934/35 her and Bob adopted a daughter (at 18 months old).

This daughter was Doreen Marion COCHRANE (now CAMPBELL), DOB 20 AUG 1934. She uses the first name of Marion.