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In 2021 we incorporated as a non-profit association in Western Australia, IARN A1040474X.


Annual reporting information:

  • Current address.
  • Date of most recently held AGM (AGMs are held annually and in the latter half of the year, generally on the first Saturday in July).
  • Total amount of revenue for the reporting period (always $0 for us).
  • Confirmation that we have at least six members with voting rights.
  • Confirmation that our main purpose is "historical or cultural preservation".
  • Confirmation that we are not a registered charity with the ACNC (we're not).


Membership is free and you can apply to join by subscribing to our archiveswiki email group (this is taken to be a 'signed application for membership' under the rules). Membership is accepted once another member has nominated you and a Committee member has confirmed your subscription. Membership carries forward so long as you remain on the email group. To resign your membership, unsubscribe yourself from the group.

Committee of ArchivesWiki Inc.:

  1. Chairperson: Sam
  2. Deputy chairperson: Julia
  3. Secretary: Maia
  4. Treasurer: Ron
  5. Ordinary members: Alan