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In 2021 we incorporated as a non-profit association in Western Australia, IARN A1040474X.


Annual reporting information:

  • Current address.
  • Date of most recently held AGM (AMGs are held annually and the latter half of the year).
  • Total amount of revenue for the reporting period (always $0 for us).
  • Confirmation that we have at least six members with voting rights.
  • Confirmation that our main purpose is "historical or cultural preservation".
  • Confirmationthat we are not a registered charity with the ACNC.


Membership is free and you can apply to join by adding your name to the membership register below. Membership is accepted once a Committee member has added 'accepted' to your list item. Membership carries forward so long as your name remains on this list; to resign your membership, record the end date here.

Members of ArchivesWiki Inc.:

  1. Sam Wilson (joined 2021-04-19, chairperson)
  2. (deputy chairperson)
  3. (secretary)
  4. (treasurer)