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Suggested grouping into subcategories

When this wiki gets bigger and there are many more categories, users of this list may be irritated at having to scroll through organizational and other categories when looking for content categories - and vice versa.

For the fist few years of the wikifarm that started life as "Wikicities" then renamed itself "Wikia" (and has now adopted the trade name of "Fandom"!), the standard subcategories of the top category (which was called Category:Browse) were "Content", "Images", and "Organization". With one click, potentially irritated people such as those mentioned above could bypass most of the types of categories they weren't looking for.

When the standard MediaWiki namespace "Image:" was replaced with "File:", after other types of file (e.g. video and sound) were introduced, Wikia categories named "Images" could be made subcategories of a new 2nd-level category "Files".

You may save people's time in the long run by adopting that three-part division, or something similar, here. Wikia sites have recently tended to add a few more second-level categories. Familypedia currently has six. You can see them at and you can copy any of its explanatory introduction (with appropriate CC-BY-SA acknowledgment!). Or I could copy it without any bother because the page history says I wrote it all (between 7 and 10 years ago).

Robin Patterson (talk) 05:20, 19 March 2017 (EDT)