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The Dalry Collection documents the people and archival materials relating to the Hogarth family home.

People: Beaumont family · Hogarth family · William Somerville Beaumont · John Hogarth · Thomas William Hogarth · Pamela Somerville Beaumont

Places: Dalry House · Dalry Road · Kelso, Borders · Kelso graveyard · Melrose, Borders


Is a word loaded with a range of connotations - depending upon perspective.

For travellers, there is the location in Scotland

For Edinburghians, there is the Dalry Road area of the city

For Darlingtonians, there is Dalry Road, Dalry (house), and Dalry Lodge on the north side of the locaclity

For etymologists - the meaning can be Royal view

for the purposes of this particular website, the context is the house in Darlington, and 1961-2007 era specially, as well as the people who lived there...