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Dalry - the connections and usages known

Dalry collection

Dalry was the family home of Thomas William Hogarth between 1961 and 1999 when he died.

His wife Pamela Hogarth (nee Beaumont) had a significant amount of material relative to her family history.

Her brother Michael Beaumont by coincidence went to school at Giggleswick_School, as did Tom Hogarth.

This collection is about the house and land when the Hogarth family lived there, and their biographies, and extended families.

There are a range of family history and genealogy items that relate to T.W.Hogarth, P.S. Hogarth and things they had inherited from their ancestors.

There are a range of items about the house and property during the time they were owned by the family.

Dalry collection

Created in 2020 from materials held by the Hogarth family

The collection is in part CC and in part Copyright - pages and images will be indicated specifically as to rights.




  • Giggleswick
  • Alderley Edge
  • Manchester