Elizabeth Garrett (née Munday)

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Elizabeth Garrett (née Munday)
Parents: Thomas Munday
    – ?
Mary Munday (2)
    – ?
Siblings: Catherine Stone (née Munday)
Elizabeth Garrett (née Munday)
James Munday snr.
    born c.1760, Wiltshire.
Mary Giles (née Munday)
    – ?
Priscilla Small (née Munday)
    – ?
William Munday (2)
    – ?
Partners: Mr Garrett
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Elizabeth married Mr Garrett, the issue being probably three sons & one daugher, viz:[1]

  • Francis Garrett, who went to Cheltenham and did well as a coachmaker.
  • William Garrett, who enlisted as a soldier & passed through Waterloo he however returned & died a natural death. He married a woman of low birth.
  • Thomas Garrett, who died at Cheltenham in the employ of this brother Francis.
  • The daughter called Patty, but real name uncertain, probably Elizabeth, married a man named Salter Strickland. He became bedridden for years, through sleeping in a damp bed, and his wife supported him, as a [illegible] maker at Warminster. They had one son, Philip.