Goldfields collection

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Goldfields collection

Is related to material relating to the apprehended and recorded people alleged of having gold in their possession of the Goldfields region of Western Australia. It is of people publicly identified as such and published at time of apprehension.

Considerable amount of text and tables are part of an approach towards understanding processes and evidence of the practice of gold stealing in the Goldfields - the interpretation and explanation remains the author/compilers repsonsibility.

Any locations or identified persons or organizations identified are not necessarily correct, and it is up to the reader to verify information from other sources to clarify or ascertain the veracity of the information provided.

Goldfields collection

All material is CC unless otherwise identified.

Material retrieved from archival bodies has their identification included where possible.

Text and intrepretative tables and collated lists and compilations of names are copyright to the compiler and may not be reproduced without permission, the usage of individual items is CC attribution required

All effort has been made to identify sources where rights might exist, otherwise material prior to 1950 is assumed as Public Domain as relative to Austraian Copyright Law as applied and identified in 2020.


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