Alexander Dunsmuir

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Alexander Dunsmuir
(1853 – c. February 1900)
Birth: 1853, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Death: c. February 1900, New York City, USA
Parents: Robert Dunsmuir
Joan Olive White
Siblings: Alexander Dunsmuir
    1853 – c. February 1900
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Christening 5 Oct 1857.[1]

Dunsmuir, a small town in northern California, is named after Alexander: "In 1888, British Columbian coal baron Alexander Dunsmuir was passing through, and according to contemporary accounts, was so taken with the beauty of the area that he offered to donate a fountain to the new town, if they would rename the town in his honor. The offer was accepted, and Dunsmuir's fountain remains operational, relocated to the City Park's baseball field, that was frequented by Babe Ruth and other N.Y. Yankees."

Died in 1900.[2]


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  2. The Blaine Journal, 16 Feb 1900. Alexander Dunsmuir, the coal king of the Pacific coast, died in New York city, aged 47 years.
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